Stevie Johnson is a talented player but doesn’t seem to understand there is no “I” in Happy New Year.

Buffalo Bills receiver STEVIE JOHNSON just doesn’t get it. Somebody needs to tell this guy that carrying on in the end zone after a score like its your first time there just isn’t funny…and no one’s laughing. Especially when your team is 6-10. That somebody finally turned out to be Bills head coach Chan Gailey, who benched Johnson after the talented yet foolish wideout lifted his jersey to reveal a “Happy New Year” message on his under shirt in Sunday’s contest versus New England…

Johnson’s score spotted the Bills to a 14-0 lead over the Patriots. New England promptly scored the next 49 points to win, 49-21.

“The coach told me I was out of the game. I have to respect his decision,” said Johnson, who had four catches for 40 yards to become the first Bills receiver with consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. “I can’t complain about it or whine or pout. He made his decision and I am going with it. … I have to take that, and I will.”

Johnson’s under shirt histrionics are well documented, from his “Why So Serious?” Joker taunts of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco in Cincy last year to his shooting simulation and “plane crash” mocking of Plaxico Burress and the Jets this year. Word to Stevie: It’s gotten old, dude. Try winning some games instead.

I understand the guy wants to have fun but why doesn’t Johnson get that his unwarranted actions hurt the team while taking the focus off the team? He was warned by Gailey that showboating penalties would not be tolerated, yet he went and did it anyway.

Maybe he’ll get it when he finds himself off the team, which the Bills may decide to do since Mr. Fun Stuff is now a free agent. Smh.

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