If God sends Ray Edwards “assets” similar to Thompson, he may have to oblige. That’s dude’s outlook on that!

Atlanta Falcons baller RAY EDWARDS recently called it a wrap with bodacious stripper girlfriend LASTARYA THOMPSON under heavy speculation that his break-up with her may have been spurred on by Thompson’s alleged interludes with other NFL ballers. Rumors that she has been trying to get at Eagles wideout DESEAN JACKSON and texting Giants wideout VICTOR CRUZ have been running rampant.

So how revealing is it that Edwards offered up this take on dating strippers and identifying groupies in a recent interview with BallerAlert.com? Here’s a portion of what racy Ray had to say:

You recently broke up with your girlfriend who was a stripper, do you find in your profession that you attract women of certain occupations more than others?

No, not at all. I feel like I attract women of all occupations. She was just someone who caught my eye and I wanted to see how a relationship would go. It was going well there, for a minute, but then you know, it went south.

On if he would date a stripper again:

I don’t know. It’s all about whoever God sends me. That’s my outlook on those types of things.

On How he differentiates between regular women and groupies:

When your team mates say “Oh, I know ol’ girl” or more than a couple of guys know who she is then you know that okay, she’s a groupie.

On if he would choose to pass on a woman who has been labeled a groupie:

It depends …if they just know her then that’s okay but if she smashed the homies like Ray J says, it can’t really go any further then I just being friends and hanging out.

How many homies is too many homies?

Two. Two is too many [laughs]

Let’s see: Victor Cruz…DeSean Jackson. I’d say that’s two homies. That qualifies Thompson for the groupie stamp. Not sure if either Cruz or Jackson did any “smashing” but believe me…just the notion that they woulda-coulda-probably dida seems like enough evidence for Edwards to close up shop. You think?

Besides, a stripper’s credibility is shot from the jump. Wouldn’t you say??

No doubt it was fun while it lasted, eh Ray??


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