It’s Super-Tat Sunday as the Giants’ Devin Thomas battles New England’s Bret Lockett for tattoo supremacy.

SSC pays homage to Super Bowl Sunday with the return of our Sunday’s Best series featuring a Super Bowl tattoo free-for-all between New England Patriots safety BRET LOCKETT and New York Giants receiver DEVIN THOMAS!

Although both players will be battling for a ring in the big game today (Thomas is activated to play today for the G-Men…Lockett is on injured reserve for the Pats), we thought it would be interesting to see which guy has the best tat game. I’m sure the ladies will want to weigh in on this…

1ST QTR – BEST TATTED TORSO DESIGN: Devin opted for a more balanced look with both his left and right chest area and arms symmetrically tatted while Bret went with the left side only, leaving the right side of his chest bare. Lockett’s torso tat game picks up on his right arm, freestanding from the left side of his body. I like the subtle half-man, half-an-inking approach of Lockett.

2ND QTR – BEST TAT SWAGGER: Thomas’s intensity is captured in full detail with the ripping of his t-shirt. Bret’s pointed finger seems to betray the quiet look of confidence he’s attempting to give. Hard to beat the Superman-ripped shirt swag Devin is displaying.

3RD QTR – BEST TATTED ARM DESIGN: Thomas went with scripture for his right arm, paying homage to the “Heavenly Father,” thanking Him for his everlasting healing and prayer. Lockett’s right forearm features a kind of rosary design, with scripture located on his inner arm. There is a cross also featured on Bret’s right bicep (unseen in this pic). Both guys show their spiritual side. Devin more so.

4TH QTR – BEST TATTED CHEST DESIGN: Both guys have distinctive chest tats. Devin displays a spartan soldier on his left breast, revealing his Michigan State roots while Bret presents a fire-spewing dragon wrapped around his left chest and bicep area. Three Chinese symbols (What they mean? Hell if I know!) are encased around the dragon. Tough choice here but Lockett’s tat design looks cleaner, a better controlled chaos.

OT – BEST TATTED BICEP-ARM DESIGN: Thomas shows his love for mutants with a Wolverine image accompanied by a thoughtful overcast design throughout his arm. Lockett’s creative mix of flames, stars and dollar signs compliments the dragon draped around his left breast. Bret makes the most with the bicep here.

FINAL SCORE: Lockett and the Patriots 3, Thomas and the Giants 2

Now you have your Super Bowl winner.

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