That may not be a can of spinach in Landry’s hands but dude sure has gotten Popeye-like in his workout routine.

LARON LANDRY is certainly feeling the hateration lately. The Washington Redskins strong safety (no question there!) recently posted pics of himself resembling a musclebot on Twitter (demonstrating the results of his extremely focused workout routine), yet folks are wondering what a guy dealing with an Achilles tendon injury is doing building up so much upper body mass and looking like he stepped straight out of a Marvel comic book. Huh??

Folks like ESPN blogwriter Dan Graziano and Bleacher Report’s Cyril Handal are wondering how Landry bulking up to the size of a Mac truck is going to help his Achilles—an injury LaRon has declined to have repaired surgically. Handal even goes as far as to say the Redskins should not resign Landry, who will soon be a free agent.

Landry had this response to all the brouhaha over his brawn:


First off, why are peeps like Graziano and Handal commenting and critiquing another man’s workout prerogative? What is that? Only Landry knows what works best for him in terms of his workout and rehabilitation (Landry has recently decided to try alternative medicine on his left Achilles before making a final decision on surgery in March).

Folks like Graziano and Handal should just mind their own business and stop trying to hate on and figure out athletes.

Especially considering neither one has never been one themselves.

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