Pennsylvania state trooper detains DeSean Jackson while on his way to his own charity event in Philadelphia.

According to TMZ, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DESEAN JACKSON was pulled over early Saturday morning by police for suspicion of driving drunk while on his way to his own charity event in Philadelphia.

TMZ reports that according to sources that witnessed the arrest, a Pennsylvania State trooper pulled Jackson over for having tinted windows and suspicion of drunk driving, administering a field sobriety test to Jackson while being extremely rude and rough with the 2-time Pro Bowl wideout. Witnesses told TMZ the trooper seemed to recognize who DeSean was.

Trooper performs sobriety test on Jackson at 9am Saturday. Witnesses say the cop was rude and disrepectful.

To his credit, DeSean cooperated with the state trooper and was eventually released without a ticket. Jackson then headed to the Triumph Baptist Church in Philly, where he would take part in the DeSean Jackson Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer event.

More than we care to mention, we hear so much about athletes that get into trouble. But something needs to be said for law enforcement officials that often times overstep their bounds in dealing with citizens…especially when they come across an expensive car with tints on the highway.

It appears this cop was looking for trouble where there was none, harassed Jackson (likely in an attempt to get him to become hostile) and then used the flimsy drunk driving excuse to put DeSean through a bogus sobriety test—at 9am in the morning. Typical police a-hole behavior.

Everyone is a criminal in the minds of these pricks. Too many times I’ve witnessed (and been a victim of) the lack of respect that cops have towards people…especially young people. The day that law enforcement types realize that people are citizens first until proven otherwise (who they are supposed to serve and protect) is the day that cops earn my respect.

Kudos to DeSean for letting the bull*ish play out. I hope he takes legal action.


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