Gibson calls the play on Kobe very dangerous and believes it was one of Jones’s many tricks as a dirty defender.

Much has been said about the DAHNTAY JONES play a few nights ago that left KOBE BRYANT with an injured left ankle. Bryant thought it was a dirty, dangerous play on Jones’s part and vowed payback on the Atlanta Hawks defender. Now Cleveland Cavs guard DANIEL “BOOBY” GIBSON gives his take on the play and believes Jones clearly meant to do what he did.

“I think that was a dirty play,” Gibson said. “(Jones) been known to be a guy to do that.”

Gibson then told the Akron Beacon Journal why he believed Jones played dirty.

“If you watch the tape, after the shot was taken, he kept walking forward toward him,” Gibson explained Friday. “He never really turned around to see if the shot went in or anything. He kept walking toward him looking at the ground the whole time.”

Here’s the video of the play:

Apparently, Gibson has some insight into the incident since he was a victim of a similar play last season when he rolled an ankle landing on the foot of Indiana’s Paul George.  Jones was a teammate of George at the time.

“When I saw (Bryant’s injury), it (ticked) me off because (Jones) was on the team with Paul George last year,” Gibson recalled. “Rumor has it, he taught (George) a few tricks.”

Gibson suffered a torn tendon in his ankle and foot last year. Kobe was somewhat fortunate. He suffered a severe ankle sprain. But Bryant’s absence due to injury may cost the Lakers a playoff berth.

On his behalf, Jones vehemently claimed he had no intentions on hurting Bryant on the play tweeting this response:

Hard to say if Jones intentionally tried to injure Kobe. I would say he intentionally tried to effect the shot by walking into Bryant’s space. Nothing wrong with that accept it’s a dangerous tactic because the shooter is completely defenseless in where he lands after the shot attempt.

Probably the most surprising thing about Jones’s play is that a foul wasn’t called. The NBA later admitted a foul should have been called.

Daniel Gibson is obviously convinced Dahntay Jones is foul as well.


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