Rodgers says he and Lanflisi “just hit it off” when Kevin was interning with the Packers. Their friendship deepened. 

On the heels of a triumphant return to football with a dramatic last minute win over the Bears in Chicago that put the Packers in the playoffs, Green Bay QB AARON RODGERS was blindsided this week with growing rumors that he is gay. On Tuesday, Rodgers addressed those rumors saying, “I really, really like women.” Take a listen:

Although Rodgers proactively tackled the gay rumor on his radio show, he didn’t sound very convincing to me. Not that it matters. Gay or otherwise, he’s is a tremendous NFL quarterback.

If you haven’t heard, the webloid recently reported that Rodgers was maintaining an intimate relationship with personal assistant Kevin Lanflisi, who lived in his home as a roommate for several years before recently parting ways. Judging by the pics below, Lanflisi was a heavy participant of Rodgers’ inner circle, attending the ESPYs together (apparently both color coordinated and without female escorts), vacationing together, even wearing his SB MVP ring and sporting his “championship belt”…

Well alrighty then. Judging by the evidence, I’d have to say it’s all circumstantial at best. But something apparently went awry between Rodgers and Lanflisi. A source close to both men claimed things went south between the two when the story of several NFL players coming out as gay broke last summer. Allegedly, Rodgers was one of those players involved and when the Packers QB decided to back out of confessing, an infuriated Lanflisi ended their relationship.



Sound somewhat familiar? Former NFL free safety Kerry Rhodes also had a personal assistant. They both shared a very intimate partnership and when things suddenly became twisted, rumors began flying like bats out of hell with the scorned helper dropping not-so-subliminals. Lanflisi’s alleged tweet “Silence always comes with an expiration date..” suggesting some truth to the rumor surrounding his “break-up” with Rodgers.

I don’t know if Aaron Rodgers is gay or not. I really could care less. But it obviously matters to some people which is likely why Rodgers addressed it, to avoid distraction especially days before a critical playoff battle with the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field.

I just don’t know if there was any conviction behind Rodgers’ words.


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