Kaepernick says he missed by a foot in making Sherman the goat but vows he, Crabtree will get Sherman back.

With everybody in town for the Super Bowl, ESPN’s ‘Mike & Mike’ got an interview with COLIN KAEPERNICK and the 49ers QB offered up his pick for Sunday’s big game: Denver Broncos. No surprise there considering the heated division rivalry with the Seahawks but Kaepernick also offered his opinion of Seahawks cornerback RICHARD SHERMAN…

Courtesy: ESPN

Via NY Post:

“I think everyone knows his comments were ridiculous,” Kaepernick said at the Super Bowl XLVIII media center in Midtown, referring to the FOX postgame interview in which Sherman mocked 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and proclaimed himself the best cornerback in the NFL. I’ll take that matchup every day,” Kaepernick said. “I feel like he’s afraid of our receivers, and that’s something I look forward to [exploiting] next year. “I had Crabtree one-on-one with half of the field to himself, and I’m going to take that every single time. He made a good play on that ball, but if I throw it a foot farther, it’s a touchdown and now you’re the goat, Richard Sherman. It’s a game of inches. The inches were in [Sherman’s] favor in that case, but this game will humble you very quickly.” As you might expect, Kaepernick’s hostility was fueled by Sherman’s verbal assault on Michael Crabtree and the choke gesture he made toward the Niners. “Did that make you feel better about yourself? Then go ahead,” Kaepernick added. “Because I’m not worried about you. … As my dad has always told me, if you have to tell people how good you are, then how good are you really? If you have to go on national TV and try to say you’re the best cornerback in the league, then you’ve got your own insecurities.”

As one might expect, old Kaep is still salty over that NFC Championship loss. But as one can certainly anticipate, Colin and his 49ers teammates will use Sherman’s comments as fuel for next season.

Stay tuned. It ain’t hardly over between these two.


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