Humble Mike: Vick’s story of redemption deserves to heard. Detractors don’t get it that people do change, move on.

Hard to believe (actually not) but NFL free agent QB MICHAEL VICK is receiving flack for his scheduled speaking engagement at the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 “Evening of Champions” event. More than 64,000 people have an issue with Vick speaking at the event, given his past involvement in a brutal dogfighting ring. More than 1,500 people on Facebook say they plan to stage a “peaceful” protest outside the North Carolina affair on Feb 12.

Animal welfare advocates are equally outraged that a convicted felon such as Vick was chosen to speak at an event that showcases sportsmanship and integrity.

To which I say enough already. Michael Vick has done his time and paid his debt to society for his transgressions. He is a truly reformed man and just like anyone, deserves a chance at redemption to become a solid member in society, which he now is.

What gets me is that most of these people opposing Vick are supposed to be God-fearing Christians. Yet they fail to practice the precepts of Jesus Christ: Forgive thy Neighbor; Only God casts judgment. Who and what gives them the right to judge Michael Vick?

Funny how you don’t see these people protesting acquitted murderer George Zimmerman trying out his “celebrity” hand in a boxing exhibition. Yeah.

Just some dog food for thought.


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