7 Best Alternatives to USTVGO to Watch News, Sports, Kids and Movies

If you are one of those people who love watching American TV shows, then you must be familiar with the ustvgo. It is a website that offers live TV (of those programs) exclusively to many internet users around the world. Some of the winning features of the site are the ads-free surroundings and impressive user interface technology. There are more than 80 different live TV channels (and they are pretty premium too) that will definitely pamper you for your entertainment. Expect to find channels like Fox Sports, ABC, Cinemax, History, ESPN, Cartoon Network, Disney, HBO, truTV, and so much more.

The site has the impressive buffer-free streaming quality and also fast loading time. If you want to watch your favorite American shows without paying a dime, this is a website to go to. Are there more websites like this one? Fortunately, yes. There are still other good (and trusted) websites that are considered ustvgo alternatives. Read on if you want to find out more about them.



7 Best Free Alternatives to USTVGO to Watch News, Sports Networks, Kids and Movies



Best Alternatives to USTVGO


This is another free website with similar concept and mechanism as ustvgo. The site has more than 200 channels, consisting of entertainment, movies, sports, and much more. The quality streams itself is pretty good, but click ads and popup ads are the most annoying thing to find here. Some people have installed Adblocker to deal with the issue. The problem is: the Adblocker somewhat interferes with the loading speed and quality, so the contents won’t stream.

There are some popular channels to enjoy without paying anything, including MU TV, NFL Network, NBA TV, TSN, BT Sport, Disney Junior, Sky Sports, Eurosports, ESPN USA, and other sports channels. Of course, there are also other general (entertainment) channels to explore around. If you are looking for a site that can give you pretty decent coverage for your entertainment quality, then UStream should be included in your list. It’s pretty good and reliable.



Alternatives to USTVGO


Whether you want to watch the breaking news or you want to see home improvement shows or you want to enjoy your favorite show, this is a place to explore – without paying anything. It has Cinemax, HBO, HGTV, CBS, CNN, CW, Disney Channel, TLC, Comedy Central, History, and so much more.

If you want to watch the news, simply click on the categories (located on the top spot). There are also categories for Arts and Music, Live Stream, Vintage TV, and Breaking News. Simply click on it if you want to pick one.

The layout and design is pretty okay. If you want to watch home improvement DIY projects, for instance, you only need to click on the icon.

However, most of the streaming contents are only available for those living in the US territories. You will need to use a VPN to access it. There are only several access contents available for the global users; not all. So, one of the downsides is that you need to use the VPN if you want to view them. But in an overall sense, the quality is pretty good. And if you are looking for one of those alternatives to ustvgo, you have yourself a candidate.





This is another popular website to watch American TV shows if you are interested. Just like ustvgo, you won’t have to pay anything to access the contents. Everything would be provided for free. But be ready with the existing of ads here and there.

In fact, some of the ads banners would be clearly visible on the website, and there are some possibly the popup types. Some users complain about how bad the ads are and how they seriously affect the quality of the stream. When they watch the contents and there are ads, those ads cause the streams to break and it becomes disrupted. Some others may also complain about too much buffering before they can watch a channel.

But if you don’t mind a once in a while disruption, then this can be a good site to explore around. Some of the possible channels include CBS, ABC, Disney XD, ESPN, NFL Network, HBO, Animal Plane, Discovery Channel, and others.


123TV Now

123TV Now


This is one of the most popular sites in the business. A lot of people have been talking about this site and how good the service is. You don’t have to register or anything to access the site. It is one of those websites with ads-free operation and popup-free mechanism. Once you get into the site, you only need to pick the channel you are interested in and then click the button ‘play’. Then a video player (similar to that of YouTube) would appear and stream the contents. It’s that easy!

This one is rather different from the ustvgo because the contents are coming from different countries, including the UK and also the US. You can enjoy various categories and entertainments, including sports, news, movies, kids, and others quite conveniently without being disturbed by those annoying ads.

With this website, expect getting premium live contents without paying anything. You don’t have to subscribe to anything. You don’t have to deal with popups, ads, or any annoying redirect. The video player is simple, but it loads fast and it delivers smooth performance.


OK Live TV

ok live tv


Looking for reliable links and channels to enjoy your movie-watching moment? Visit OK Live TV and be ready to be pampered. There is no need to subscribe to anything. You only need to come to the website, click on the available link, and just have a go.

The website is done and managed in such a simple manner, and yet extremely functional and handy. There are categories available there, along with the easy user interface system. Once you click on the link, a video player will appear and you don’t need to wait for a long buffering time. Basically, you can enjoy premium contents without paying anything!

Be ready to deal with tons of attractive and interesting contents. There are different genres and categories; ranging from adults, movies, sports, documentaries, entertainment, and even religions. Some of the downsides include some of the links aren’t working well. You can’t expect perfection with this website. And be ready if there are moments where the site is somewhat inaccessible. It’s probably because it’s being shut down. But when it works like a charm, you should check it out.


Time 4 TV

Time 4 TV


This is another website that is offering free service in streaming high quality contents. Just like ustvgo, it offers various popular channels. The good thing is that those channels aren’t only coming from the USA but also from the UK. You have tons of options that will never bore you out. Aside from the entertainment, you can expect categories for sports and also news. The website is managed in such a simple manner.

There are different sections, such as Sports Channels, News Channels, USA Channels, UK Channels, All Channels, and also Schedules.

Another thing to like about the website is the lack of ads and popups. For many people, this is a great feature because it enables you to watch everything without any disturbance. Some of the popular channels are Bein, ESPN, Racing UK, BBC One, Sky Sports, and others. For now, it may not be an overly popular website, but considering how good the features are, the site may experience significant increase of popularity in the future.





Looking for a service that doesn’t require you to pay anything? Check this FreeInterTV. Aside from operating online, this service can offer you various channels and services. If you have been familiar with similar websites, then you won’t have any problem navigating this site. Moreover, the combination of abundance of collections and user friendly navigation is the winning factor that makes this site interesting to explore and use.

The contents are always updated because they want fresh contents and up-to-date collections. It has no annoying ads or long buffering time. But if you look at the site’s layout and design, you will see that it’s pretty outdated and old. It has the look from the 90s.

But such a thing won’t disturb the overall performance and quality of the service. The quality of the stream is quite good and pretty impressive.


FAQ: Sites Like USTVGO

What can you watch from these websites?

Basically, you can watch almost anything from these websites. Although most of them are focusing on entertainment (like TV shoes and movie series), some of them are offering other categories, such as news and also sports. Some even offer religion category. Simply pick the sites that you like, based on your personal preference.

Are all of these websites offering free service?

Yes, all of them are free. You can watch the contents without paying anything.

Do I have to download app or anything like that?

No need to. These websites are working fine on regular browser. Just open them up on any browser you have and you are good to go.

Do I have to make any account to access the site?

It depends on each site. Some sites require you to make an account before you can access their contents, but some don’t. Check into their terms and conditions before you can see their contents, collections, or even explore around the site.

What if I want to upgrade and subscribe to a paid service?

Some of these sites are exclusively focusing on free services. However, some of them may also offer paid version. You only need to choose the one that can offer the service that you want.

Are all of these websites free of ads?

Not really. Some sites may not have any ads, but some may have the ads. If you can find a website that doesn’t have any ads at all, consider yourself lucky. But in most cases, these kinds of websites need funds for their operation and the ads are their source of income.



If you want to look around, there are so many other alternatives to this streaming service on the net. What is available on this article is just examples; feel free to explore more and find more options. Ustvgo is definitely a great website to enjoy many entertainment contents without paying anything.

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