10 Best Free 123movies Alternatives For Watching Movies Online

You should have your own 123movies alternatives list so you will never run out of options when it comes to your favorite TV series or movie shows. Let’s admit it; most of us love watching movies. It’s one of the simplest and yet also most refreshing and most fun entertainment type that everyone can do. Imagine how great it is when you can stay at home and still have fun even without the expensive cable subscription. Imagine how satisfying it would be when you can catch up with the latest release even when you spend most of your time at home.



About 123movies

In the past, people who love watching movies and TV shows would visit 123movies to get their latest update. Why I say ‘in the past’? It’s because 123movies is no longer available. The site is now shut down so movie fans have to look elsewhere. The site was one of the most popular services for movie stream and movie contents. This Vietnam-based website had been the target of (online) attacks and shut down, and it finally gave up.

Although several clones have been created from the website, they can never be as good as the original 123movies. The good thing, though, is that there are still other 123movies alternatives that are available out there. You just have to find the right ones whose performance (and quality) can be as good as the original 123movies. Some of these alternatives have gained their own popularity, although there are also some new names in the industry. But in general, these alternatives are worth visiting and trying, especially if you consider your entertainment time to be crucial and important.


10 Best Free 123movies Alternatives For Watching Movies Online


1. MoviesJoy



Think of the service as the new kid with the increasing popularity. It’s one of 123movies alternatives that support no pop-ups and no ads despite the free nature. If you explore around the site, you will be impressed by the limitless collections of movies and also TV shows. You are welcomed to watch them online without registration – and without paying a dime either.

Although it is a free platform, it is updated regularly. You can expect fresh contents and updated release frequently, so you won’t miss anything and you will never run out of options. When you explore the site, you will see that every movie has its own attached details, so you know what the movie is all about. The details include video quality, duration, genre, IMDB rating, and others. Can you download movies too? Yes, it’s one of the best things about this service. If you don’t feel like streaming the movies, feel free to download them. It’s a flexibility that is just nice to have, isn’t it?


2. StreamingSites



If you are looking for a service that can give you top notch movies and TV shows, and also more, then StreamingSites would be your next new best friend. Think of it as one-stop platform for active online movie watching without compromising quality or performance. However, the site doesn’t host the contents. Think of it as a movie directory, meaning that it ‘only’ collects links from various different sources and then take you to the original source when you click a link.

One of the nicest things about the platform is the neat category and arrangement. Categories are managed to help users get the best links and answers. For instance, they have free streaming websites if you are looking for free links. They also have the list for premium contents if you want the premium one. There are also other categories, such as online series, TV shows, and others. So, if you want to get access to one of the best 123movies alternatives.


3. WatchFree

Best Free 123movies Alternatives For Watching Movies Online


If you are looking for an online site that can deliver high-quality movie entertainment, then WatchFree would be the ideal pick. As one of 123movies alternatives, this website can give you free access and free way to TV series and newest flicks without compromising the HD quality. Even with the registration button around, you don’t have to click it. You can still access the contents even if you don’t sign up.

One of the best things about the service is the simple navigation. Aside from the extensive collection of movies, you will find it quite easy and simple to maneuver your way around. Looking for your favorite genre? Then simply head to the genre section, where you can find biography, comedy, history, crime, romance, and others. If you are still doubtful whether the site is good or not, why don’t you come and see it by yourself?


4. Vexmovies

TV shows and movie sites


Aside from being able to give you free contents related to TV shows and movies, the site doesn’t have any annoying ad either. If you want to watch movies online without the difficulty to find the right one for you, then this one would be the best pick. Feel free to choose the movies based on the quality, release year, and also genre.

If you come to the site, feel free to explore around. There are different option and links to click. Finding the stuff you love would be a breeze, and user interface is one of the things to like about the service. The web design is straightforward and you won’t have to worry about any loading time (or speed) at all.


5. SolarMovie



If you want to enjoy free movie watching without fuss, this is another alternative to choose. However, in order to access the contents, you will have to register and create an account. It doesn’t take forever to create one, and you can start looking for your favorite movies. Explore the available genres without difficulty. The website has a simple design and clean layout, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the stuff that you are looking for. As one of 123movies alternatives, the website has a nice combination of vast library, more-than-decent quality, and easy maneuver. Just come to the site and see it by yourself!


6. MyDownloadTube



This is another website that allows you not only to stream movies, but also to download them. Yes, you should be able to download your favorite movies for offline movie watching, but you do need to register and make an account before you can access the free contents. It’s a good thing that this website has a functional server that can handle its expansive collections and it has smooth operation.

As one of the best 123movies alternatives, the service, surprisingly, doesn’t have ads. It’s nice to manage the setup while enjoying the fast (and smooth) streaming service without lag or delay. And since it doesn’t support any ad, loading time and speed are impressive, so you don’t have to wait long for your movies to start. What can you ask for more from such a service?


7. YesMovies



YesMovies is one of the most popular websites for movie streaming. It has a positive reputation as a site with very good organization and also impressive features. The TV shows and flicks are managed through IMDB ranking, country, genres, and others. The site has 5 (streaming) servers that will ensure smooth and fun experience when watching your favorite shows. You won’t have to sign up if you want to access the videos. And let’s not forget that all of them are coming in HD quality.

There are several downsides, though. The site supports pop-ups. Even if you have used ad blocker, they will keep on coming again and again. So, you may well take it and just make peace with it. Moreover, DON’T click the buttons ‘Download in HD’ and ‘Stream in HD’. Once you click them, you will be taken away from the website. Those buttons are only there to mislead you. Aside from those downsides, this website is really good. You can use it as a reliable source to look for your favorite contents.


8. Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja

As one of the best 123movies alternatives, this website has its own reputation. It has been known as this reliable source for looking up movies and other types of entertainment. The site has just added new servers, which will definitely affect the performance of the service. It would be fast and effective to find your favorite TV shows or flicks, or even both.

The interface system makes sure that each show has its own highlight and details. If you are clueless about a movie or a series, for instance, simply read the details and you have an idea in no time. With fast processing speed, high quality contents, easy use, and regular updates, it’s quite easy to see why the website is favorable and lots of users like to access it.


9. FMovies



This is another popular website for streaming movies and TV series. Aside from having high quality contents, the site always updates everything regularly. A lot of users like the fact that the site always has fresh contents. You won’t have to worry about missing out the latest release. The site has a nice design with handy keyboard shortcuts, which will make it easy for the operation. For example, you only need to press the spacebar if you want to pause your stream. Or you can press F Key if you want to switch the screen mode to a full one.

The interface system is one of the biggest strength of FMovies. There is also a filtering feature that you can use, based on the IMDB rating, country, and genre. Unfortunately, this site has ads and pop-ups. For some people, they can be annoying, but if you can see past it (or you can use VPN connection), you should be good.


10. Openloadflix


The design is clean and seamless. Thanks to its feature, it would be quite straightforward to load the contents. One major strength of the site is the solid security protection. It is a pretty safe platform. Not only it is free, but it doesn’t require you to register either. You don’t have to deal with ads or pop-ups either, which make it super convenient and fun to use. The website has this nice design and simple interface system so users won’t have issues finding their way around the site. Try it; it’s very nice to access the contents.


11. HDO

hdo box movies


As the name suggests, all of the movies in this site are available in HD quality. The library is quite expansive and wide; you can basically find all kind of genres and movies that you want. The movies are always updated, so there are no old movies and you can rest assured that you get fresh contents only. The site also accepts requests, although it may take a while for them to finally deliver what you need. But if you want quality and easiness, this is one site that is worth checking. You should seriously include it in your must-check list.


FAQs: Free 123movies Alternatives

How can you be sure that these alternative websites won’t be shut down, like 123movies?

We can’t. That’s why we have several alternative options. When one site is shut down, you can switch to another one. After all, there are still more websites that can be 123movies alternatives out there, and yet we haven’t covered them out.

Are all of these websites free? Do I need to pay anything, like a hidden fee or something?

So far, all of these websites are free, although some may offer both free and paid services. And no, these websites are quite trusted. They don’t have any hidden cost or fee or anything like that.

Are all of these sites for movie streaming or other types of entertainment?

These are the websites focusing on movie streaming, so if you are looking for news or sports contents, you will have to look elsewhere.



As it was mentioned before, there are so many different websites for movie streaming out there. Some of them are listed in this article, but there are still other more that we haven’t discussed. Feel free to do your own research of 123movies alternatives that fit your preferences and like.

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