What Are Free Movie Apps for Firestick that You Can Use and Enjoy?

If you are wondering what kinds of free movie apps for Firestick available, no need to worry. On the contrary to what you think, there are actually tons of free apps you can use and access. If you are willing to do some extensive research, you should be able to find the right one.



What Is Firestick?

In case you don’t know it, Amazon Firestick is basically a (digital) media player (as well as a micro console) allowing users to access online contents through the internet. With Firestick, you can enjoy digital contents to the TV by using the data. Can you play games too with it? Absolutely. With mobile app or included remote (or even with the optional gaming controller), you should have no problem enjoying the games quite effortlessly.

Fire OS is the forked Android’s version. It has two products: Fire TV and Firestick. The Fire TV is the set-top box type while the Firestick is the plug-in HDMI stick. Both may look different but they have similar functions because they are basically the same in nature. If you explore the net, there are tons of apps for movie streaming. But you need to be careful. Many of these free movie apps for Firestick are pretty shady.

They just want to deliver malware to your system in order to do mischievous stuff, such as looking for contact permission, trying to inject virus or others. That’s why it’s crucial that you look for apps from reliable sources, such as Amazon Store or Google Play Store. Your Fire OS should have the permission setting, which can be helpful to maintain the safety and security of your device.


Coto Movies

What Are Free Movie Apps for Firestick that You Can Use and Enjoy


If you are looking for an app for your Android OS system, this one will deliver only the best performance. As one of the best free movie apps for Firestick, it has the latest TV shows and movies from all over the world. Also known as the Bobby Movie Box, the app is guaranteed to have full HD flicks. Basically, this app won’t host the contents on its site, but it merely acts as the site giving you access to other sources.

Some of this service’s features include high quality of the movies. You are guaranteed to get the latest and the newest TV shows and flicks. What’s even better is the fact that you can actually download the movies – you can also download the subtitles! They are kept within various different servers. Feel free to filter the movies by rating, type, year, and also genre. Not only the app is free, but it also has no ads or whatsoever. You don’t even need to create any account to access the app. Such a great program, right? You should try it, for sure!


Cinema APK

free movie apps for Firestick


If you are looking for another option of free movie apps for Firestick, Cinema APK would be definitely included in the topic. After all, it is a super popular (Android) app for TV shows and movies. It came to existence just about the time of Terrarium TV. After Terrarium TV has been shut off, then Cinema APK had experienced a huge hit.

One of the main reasons why it’s so popular is because of the limitless collections. The streamable contents are always updated regularly; you will never run out of good options. Not only the contents are updated quite often, but the software itself is regularly updated, which affects the overall performance (in a positive way). Be advised, though, that this app is basically an aggregator. It collects links from various sources and locations, so it doesn’t host the contents on its own. But the app is lightweight, and it is compatible with both Fire TV and Firestick, making it just perfect for efficient handling, interaction, and navigation.


(Live TV) TVTap



It is a popular app for movies, TV series, and also live TV streams for Android system. You can find more than 900 channels covering areas like Canada, America, Indian subcontinent, and also Europe. The app was originally designed as UKTV, and now being updated and then rebranded with a new name.

Thanks to the app, you should have no problem enjoying limitless (and seamless) streaming entertainment on your device. There is a filter feature that you can set by type, rating, year, and also genre. Aside from being free, the app doesn’t demand you to create any account either. It supports Fire TV, Android Box, and also Chromecast. Searching feature is done with basic languages and filters, so it is super easy. It doesn’t have annoying ads either, so you can enjoy your shows with such ease and comfort. In the event you want to upgrade the service, you can do it easily and enjoy more premium features. But even with the free and basic ones, it is enough. Many users claim that they are happy with the free offerings.



catmouse movie app


Want to know the latest and on-demand TV series and movies? Then you should consider having this app. As one of the free movie apps for Firestick, this app has similar operation and function as Terrarium TV. Some users even think that CatMouse is the clone of Terrarium TV. The app has tons of quality contents and impressive libraries. The streams are coming in high quality image, without any lousy outcome or lame result. In most cases, finding full HD video streams is just easy. There are tons of things to love about the app, from the easy operation to the flawless performance. But it would be better if you can check the app on your own and see how it feels for you.



teatv apk


This is another Android app that enables you to stream, download, watch, and enjoy free TV shows and big screen flicks. The app has friendly user interface and also intuitive design, which makes it favorable among users. It supports 1080p resolution and you should be able to access all kinds of movies and shows easily through the Fire devices. Yes, it supports Firestick as well as Fire TV.

As one of the free movie apps for Firestick, TeaTV has often become the alternative pick for other popular apps (for movie stream), such as Terrarium TV and ShowBox. There are many handy features to like about the app. It has a movie guide, containing the trailers, reviews, and also upcoming movies. It supports content download, which means that you can download your favorite flicks easily. It has a watch history (complete with pause-resume function) for fast access and better efficiency. With the combination of clutter free layout, free service for both streaming and downloading, and also high quality performance, it’s no wonder if this app will rise to popularity in no time.


Cuco TV

cuco tv apk


This name may not be too familiar to you, but if you have been using Firestick for a while and you are more familiar with ZiniTevi, then Cuco is the clone. ZiniTevi was one a popular app for video streaming service, but it has been shut down now. Just like the previous app, Cuco enables you to stream the latest TV shows and movies without you having to pay anything.

Another favorable thing about this free movie apps for Firestick is the high-quality videos. They are premium, so there won’t be any blurry or unclear images. If you want to enjoy offline watching, this app supports download content. Be advised, though, that the streaming service may not run instantly. In most cases, you need to wait for around 30 seconds for the stream to load. But if it isn’t a problem for you, then you won’t have to worry about anything. Besides the easy operation and clean design, the app also has various language support and also autoplay feature. It also supports Trakt integration. If you connect it to your Trakt account, you should be able to sync the viewing history conveniently.


Popcorn Time

popcorn time apk


There are many good reasons why this app is included as a must-have app for Firestick. You should be able to stream your favorite TV series or the latest big screen movies without hassle. The player supports the appropriate system so you can enjoy your entertainment moment effortlessly.

The library is huge and expansive, and it also supports torrent file. This is definitely a feature that not all free movie apps for Firestick has. If you want to download the movies, feel free to do it without fuss or drama. The interface system is intuitive and elegant. It also has subtitles in various different languages. You can bookmark your favorite flicks, if you want to. And the entire operation is super effective and efficient. You should try it on your own.



cinehub apk


If you are a true movie fans, then this app should be in your list. It has a wide array of collection that covers latest releases, popular titles, and also classic options. Yes, the app isn’t all about new movies, but you can also watch the old and the classic too. There are also different genres and categories; some of those genres may not be found elsewhere because they are so unique.

What about the quality of the movies? All of them are premium. Everything is prepared in high quality, and yet the buffering time is very little. As a free service, you don’t even have to register. Each content you choose comes with several links. If one link doesn’t work, you still have other links and you don’t have to give up watching them. The app is about flexibility and versatility. You are free to use external media players although it already comes with its own built-in player. Quite handy, huh?



weyd apk

This is a new app that is extremely handy for streaming movies. The free app has its own huge collections, making sure that you will never get bored with the contents. You should be able to find old blockbuster lists as well as the new ones. As a free app, Weyd doesn’t have any ads at all, which adds the positive value of the site. You can integrate the app to Trakt, AllDebrid, or Premiumize for buffer-free stream quality.

Another thing to like about the app is the user interface. The design is visually appealing, and everything runs quickly. Since it doesn’t have any ad, there is short loading time and the background (on the home screen) page would be clutter-free.



free movie apps for Firestick 2022


If you are familiar with Kodi, then you will have no problem using this app. As the free movie app for Firestick, Streamio has simpler interface system that helps you stream TV shows, movies, and others without drama. Even with the addon installation, you won’t have to worry about storage and memory as they won’t affect your device. These addons are the ones responsible for the smooth performance of the app.

If you want to choose which one suitable for your needs, you don’t need to look far away. They are already lined up for you. Pick anything that meets your needs. This is a free service, but if you want to upgrade it to the paid one, you should be able to do it without any complication.


FAQs: Free Movie Apps for Firestick

Do I have to set up things to use the Firestick?

Naturally, yes. You need to connect the Firestick to your device and manage the setting. However, the process is relatively easy. Make sure that you find out the complete information about the methods before you decide to give it a try.

Are all of the apps available for Firestick free?

No. some apps are available for free. Some apps are paid. And some are both; you can access the free service but feel free if you want to upgrade it to the paid one.

Do I still have to deal with ads with these free apps?

Yes, although some apps don’t have ads at all. But you still need to be prepared if those apps have ads. After all, it depends on each app’s policy about the ads.



There are still more apps out there. You just have to do your own search to find the most suitable one for you. Rest assured that there are still many qualified and trusted free movie apps for Firestick that you can use for your own enjoyment.

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