10 Best Free College Basketball Streams You Need To Consider

Have you had any experience of college basketball streams? Generally, the majority of most college basketball games are available for streaming through the local networks or major cable channels, college sport networks or even internet sports channels.

There have been many live TV streaming services for watching college sports including YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV along with the offering of each service. In each site, there are usually free version to allow you access the channel and watch the games for free in term of free trial and paid version that charges the users to pay for the subscription either weekly, monthly or annually depending on the package provided by the service.

In this regards, we offers the best picks to provide you with the best options to stream basketball games as you wish. So let’s get the detail information as follows:



10 Best Free College Basketball Streams – Watch College Basketball Games Without Cable


1. Hulu Live TV

hulu live tv


Hulu Live TV is one of the popular options for college basketball streams. This site offers a full access to the entire Hulu streaming library along with all of your favorite sports including college basketball. Hulu Live TB provides you with the best way of streams live sports.

There are some package options available at Hulu. Those are the free trial, the monthly subscription and the regular one. The free trial is available in 7 days. If you are interested with this streaming site, then you can simply subscribe the monthly plan priced at $54.99 and the regular plan which is $64.99. However, the paid subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.

Hulu Live TV is one of the streaming site for watching college basketball. There are absolutely more than 75 live and On Demand channels that you can access to watch your desired sports on ESPN, CBS, FOX, FS1, NFL Network and some other regional sports in many cities.

With Hulu TV, you can simply pick your favorite teams, leagues or sports and you will be viewed a recommendation of games according to your selections. Further, this streaming site enables you to watch everything on your time. This way, you can record the college basketball match in 50 hours along with the Cloud DVR storage and an option to upgrade up to 200 hours. Trust, you will never miss any moment.

The other good thing about Hulu Live TV is the notifications that are sent to your mobile device so you will notice that the game is about to start.


2. Fubo TV

Fubo TV


Without Cable TV, college basketball is now much easier to stay with. Truly, Fubo TV is one of the Live sports streaming services to catch your favorite basketball games in action. Fubo TV will never let you to miss some big events of the most college basketball games due to the availability if the local network that supports the way you are streaming with the site.

Fubo TV allows for accessing a number of channels covering college basketball games. You can even explore all the channels broadcasting NCAA basketball. For more detail information dealing with what the site offers including watching college basketball, you are provided “Fubo TV review” to tap on and find all related information.

The base package of Fubo TV includes the major cable networks that provide you with the broadcast of college basketball games like ESPN, ESPN 2, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2 and NBCSN as well. This way, you can find out the complete line up in the channel list of the site.

Fubo TV is one of the college basketball streams that come with the standard plan for $59.99 per month. Another plan is the family package that offers a much better deal with the bigger cloud DVR storage and more simultaneous streams.

Due to the plenty of sport channels provided by the site, you can watch an endless college basketball match to watch on Fubo TV. In short, this site is the most comprehensive streaming-only channel that everyone can access through the local networks.


3. DTV Stream

DTV Stream


Do you believe that you can watch a full episode of college basketball games on DT Stream? Trust, DTV Stream offers the most regional sports network of any streaming site so you can get to watch the sports you crave including basketball.

The main features that the users can utilize are the ability to record multiple games at the same time, the readiness of the college basketball matches you want to watch and the ability to watch the recording bot at home and on the go.

It is very easy to watch the sports with this streaming site. Firstly, you need only to plugin and watch along with the easy self-setup. Once you stream, there are more than 7.000 apps available in the site. Further, this site is highly compatible with Android, Apple TV 4K, Roku, Fire TV Stick and Chromecast.

The plan is available in month-to-month subscription, meaning that it is less stressful when it times to pick a TV package to watch college basketball games.

In short, DTV Stream is one of the best live TV and On Demand at which you can stream both local and national channels along with the thousands of On Demand titles.


4. YouTube TV

youtube tv NBA


When it comes to choose a site for college basketball streams, you cannot go further away from YouTube TV. For basketball fans, YouTube TV enables them to catch any favorite teams in action. There is a solid lineup for sports channels provided by this streaming site and most of them are broadcasting college basketball games. In most of the reviews, YouTube TV is primarily placing at the list of top sports streaming site.

With YouTube TV, the major college basketball games are mostly broadcasted both the local networks like CBS, ABC and FOX and the national networks such as NBCSN, ESPN, FOX Sports 1 and etc. All of those channels are available in the site’s lineup.

YouTube TV is considered a good option for watching college basketball due to the full list of YouTube NCAA basketball offering. By paying $64.99 monthly subscription, you will receive a full access to more than 85 channels. This package includes the national cable networks broadcasting the major conference like NBCSN, ESPN, ESPN 2 and FOX Sport 1.

Further, another availability is a number of college sports channels along with the streaming-only networks broadcasting smaller matches. In the other words, there are networks that you cannot find with cable, instead, they are available through standalone subscriptions or streaming services. These ones can broadcast a few college basketball games which are smaller. Still, you can surely watch other major college basketball events using the local networks.

If you subscribe YouTube TV for watching basketball, you will receive some of the lower-profile matches and smaller games especially on college sports network including ACC Network, Big Ten Network, ESPNU, CBS Sports Network and etc. Fortunately, these channels are accessible with your default plan while some other channels require an add-on.

As one of the recommended college basketball stream, YouTube TV offers the use of local networks as a part of their channel lineup in default plan. However, not all of the local channels are provided in every market. Fortunately, these local networks can be accessed as its default streaming package.


5. Sling TV

sling tv


Sling TV is just another option to no longer rely on a cable subscription to watch live college basketball games. Sling TV offers even some channels to keep up with your favorite basketball teams. Thus, it could be your brilliant streaming service to pick up for fans of NCAA basketball.

With this site, you can stream some of the larger games on major cable channels like ESPN and FOX Sports 1 while the local networks like ABC and CBS broadcast almost any college basketball games. Sling TV also allows you to watch a number of games through regional sports networks though it covers only some selected areas.

There are also opportunities to watch smaller conferences and games that provide you with the college sports channels and streaming-only networks including Big Ten Network, BTN+, ACC Network and ESPN 3 to name a few.

Subscriptions are even available to pick up so you can watch college basketball more by exploring the full offering of the full Sling TV NCAA basketball, leading you to think of what the best one to watch. However, it is recommended that you check out the Sling TV review so that you have a more detailed description at the service offering.

If you want to subscribe Sling TV for your college basketball streams, pick up the Sling Orange plan that costs $30 per month and you will get the major cable sports networks broadcasting college basketball matches. If you want to access FOX and NBCSN, you have to take the Sling Blue plan that costs as much as $30 per month.

Purchase the Sling Orange and Blue plan that combines the two packages to receive all the three major cable sports networks along with the extra college sports channels broadcasting smaller NCAA basketball matches. These combination package costs $45 per month.


6. BBC iPlayer

bbc iplayer


BBC iPlayer is one of the streaming websites in our list to let you to watch sports especially from the United Kingdom. This website offers ad-free feature and accessible streaming using a VPN to connect to a UK-based server right from your own country.

With BBC iPlayer, you are enabled to watch many different sports to stream including college basketball, gold, cricket, football, cycling and soccer. These contents can be streamed in HD as long as they are recorded in this quality. However, when the internet speed drops, the streaming quality has a hard time to stay consistently at high-definition quality.

The pros of BBC iPlayer includes the ad-free streaming and the compatibility of the website with several platforms available. The cons include the website’s restriction to U.K residents only and the streaming quality that is influenced by the internet speed fluctuations.

If you stay outside the UK and want to stream UK college basketball games, using VPN is much recommended due to the site’s restriction.


7. 123TV



123TV can be a great streaming service to watch college basketball games online. Truly, it provides the users with a full access to the leading sports channels to stream ESON, NBC, Showtime and NBA TV. American leagues such as NCAA college sports are also available to watch on this streaming site.

One of the best features offered here is the easy-to-use interface. It comes with the large icons that makes navigating pleasant to go through the channels. There is no ad and no redirection when you are streaming.

Other best feature is its access to the entire catalog of other channels like HBO, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and ABC. In fact, 123TV is a good option for streaming not only college sports like basketball but also entertainment.

There are many reasons why people stay true to this site for college basketball streams. Basically, 123TV offers American sports channels along with the high quality streams and an extensive catalogue of non-sports channels. There are only a few ads, letting you to feel pleasant when streaming.

The only downside is that there is no schedule of sports events or games provided in the site. Thus, the users must keep an eye on visiting the websites regularly.


8. FirstRow Sports

firstrow sports


FirstRow Sports is one of the sports websites that provides all the latest news, scores and predictions about all sports with its original, unique and interactive format.

FirstRow Sports has covered all the major sports, including basketball, soccer, American football, baseball, tennis, golf, NHL, College Football, MMA, NFL and much more.

If you are a sports fan and like to watch your favorite games live, FirstRow Sports is definitely one of the best websites for you.


9. BossCast



The site offers live college basketball streaming, college sports video, basketball news, and analysis. BossCast offers live streaming of over 100 NCAA basketball games, 100+ college sports videos daily, and basketball news.
The live streaming of college basketball games is high quality, with audio and graphics that present the game in near real-time. The site also offers daily videos on current sports topics, including NBA, NFL, MLB, and more.

The site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. BossCast is easy to navigate. The front page is dedicated to basketball and allows users to view live streaming of basketball games, or watch a basketball game on demand.
Users can also view archived basketball games. Users can subscribe to receive daily video alerts on interesting basketball news.The streaming video is of high quality and can be viewed on any computer or mobile device.


10. Cricfree

cricfree 1


The current model for free sports streaming is paid for by advertising. This usually means that while you’re watching, you’re being interrupted every few seconds with commercial breaks. CricFree is free to use and ad free. It also provides more content than competing services and offers most of the major sports leagues, including soccer leagues and also enjoy free College Basketball Streams.

CricFree is the foremost site for online sports LIVE streaming on the internet. Here, Users can watch live sports on their PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. CricFree’s mobile apps are compatible with all leading operating systems like Android and iOS. The website allows its users to watch live sports through links from across the world. The links provided are of high quality and you can watch your favorite sports for free.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I stream every college basketball match on Fubo TV?

Fubo TV doesn’t come with every channel of college basketball matches. But provides a majority of the channels broadcasting not only major but also smaller events including college basketball games.

Can I stream every college basketball game on YouTube TV?

Yes, you can. YouTube TV comes with the most channels that broadcast live basketball games but there is no smaller conferences and lower profile games.

Can I stream every college basketball game on Sling TV?

Sling TV doesn’t have all channels to watch college basketball games. But you will get some of the leading cable networks covering other major events to watch them.

how to watch college basketball streams

College basketball streams are available for everyone to watch at home or on the go. There are many sports streaming services that provide live coverage of the NCAA Tournament. Watching college basketball streams at home is cheaper than going to a game, but it might be difficult to find a good stream if you are not well-versed in these things. It’s much easier to find a stream when you have access to your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Above are sites you can access to stream your favorite College basketball.

where to watch college basketball streams?

There are many ways to watch college basketball streams. You can go to the website of CBS, ESPN, or any other sports provider. However, you can also find links on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. If you want to watch college basketball streams but don't know how, you can turn to the internet for help. There are many websites that offer live streams of the game, and most of them use a browser plugin like Adobe Flash Player in order to display the stream in your browser window. Some websites will even let you choose which team's perspective you would like to watch the game from!

best free college basketball streaming sites

College basketball fans will be able to enjoy college basketball games without having to spend any money. If you are not willing to pay for cable or satellite services, there are some alternatives that you can take advantage of. These sites offer free live streams of college basketball games. With these best free college basketball streaming sites, you will be able to watch live games on your computer, phone or TV using Kodi or other streaming devices.



Today you can watch basketball for absolutely free on your computer. You don’t even need a TV. Several companies—such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, Fubo TV—will let you watch their college basketball games online and on your phone and tablet, all for free. You can watch as many games as you want this way, as long as you have an Internet connection.

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