12 Free Cartoons Streaming Sites To Watch Classic and latest Cartoon Online in HD

Do you like watching cartoons online and looking for free Cartoons streaming sites? No matter how young or old someone is, whenever feeling bored or needing something fun, watching cartoons seems to be very interesting and entertaining. However, there is not always cartoon movies all the time. Sometimes they are available in particular hours by TV programs. Hence, free cartoons streaming sites are the best solution of all.

Watching cartoons is the best way of relieving you from stress and stressful things. It helps everyone relax in times of strain. However, finding the right streaming sites for watching cartoons can be a painstaking job.

To provide you with an enjoyment of watching cartoons at free, here are some of the best free streaming sites for watching cartoons you can consider visiting.



12 Free Cartoons Streaming Sites To Watch Classic and latest Cartoon Online in HD


Cartoons On

free website to watch cartoons online


Cartoons On is a free streaming site made to watch cartoons online. This site allows you to stream any of your favorite cartoons in HD quality. The cartoons library is very expansive, making you and the other visitors easily stick to a single site.

Cartoons On offers a user-friendly feature and compatibility to any device you may already have such as smartphones. There is also a number of cartoons movies either old or new which are available in a very impressive categorization. Accordingly, the viewers are able to filter out the cartoons by character, studio, show name and series. Thus, they can find the cartoons they desire.

Cartoons On is free to access, meaning that you don’t have to pay anything or even subscribe to watch cartoons online. This way, there are countless types of cartoons that you can easily find through by filtering them based on the categories, as we have mentioned.



watch cartoons on YouTube


Who doesn’t know YouTube? It is a massive platform that has an expansive cartoons library. It makes YouTube listed as the top free website to watch cartoon online. YouTube has a large number of users who are active each day, crossing around 30 million. Further, there are also more than 5 billion videos collection available.

It is very simple and easy to find what types of cartoons you wish to watch. All of the possible categories of cartoons can be easily found just by searching the name on the category using the YouTube search bar. As simple as that.

Listed at the top free cartoons streaming sites, YouTube even presented kid’s app for providing the children with the cartoons options along with the kid-themed videos onto a separate mobile applications. Further, YouTube has gathered a big database of cartoon videos that can be watched by everyone else around the world.

YouTube also provides the users with the numerous dedicated channels for cartoon films and series. In addition, both the animated feature films and random creative cartoons are also available from the graphic professional around the world. The cartoons films availability is so unlimited so you can expect to watch.

YouTube perfectly works without registration, meaning that you don’t have to sign up. However, if you sign up, you will get the benefits of watching cartoons at which you left them last time. One more, YouTube is free to access for watching cartoons online. Though there is a premium version available to enjoy ad-free streaming. This version can even be played in the background. Thankfully, the cartoons are downloadable easily.



Free Cartoons Streaming Sites


The third free cartoons streaming site to consider is Toonjet. This website is designed for the classic cartoon face along with all legendary cartoons collection provided by Cartoon Network’s Tom and Jerry as well as Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

Toonjet has a number of contemporary cartoons such as the Pokemon and Samurai Jack series. This site also lets the users to deliver feedback on any of the episodes and give ratings to the cartoons. To access the site, the users are given an option to register and sign in order that they can maintain a history of the cartoons you watch. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to sign up, you can also enjoy the cartoons unlimitedly.

Tonjeet is also free to access, meaning that you are not require you to pay any subscription. All you need to do is just simply visiting the site and search what cartoon films you want to watch. Never worry of how the site present its collection for you. Absolutely, Toonjet comes with a massive number of classic cartoons. You will be surely able to find all of the masterpiece from 80s to 90s era.



KissCartoon free cartoon online


KissCartoon is a free streaming site for watching cartoons online which is incredibly designed as a website hosting with more considerable archive of cartoons. This site is placed at the top list of free cartoons streaming sites due to its user-friendly interface and easy navigation using the cartoon library. This means that you can filter out the cartoon you are willing based on the categories of movies, series and genres. Thankfully, the advanced filtering options are also available in the site.

Just because KissCartoon has some annoying ads that always bug the visitors and viewers doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have high speed playback and streaming cartoons. In fact, the site offers a huge number of cartoon films that you can access freely, ranging from comedy, action, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and much more.

Do you need to sign up?

No, you don’t need to sign up to access and enjoy the cartoons. However, a sign up option is also available to allow for more filtering options. In the other word, you can choose to sign up for subscription and you will get more number of cartoons choices.



free website to watch cartoons


Looking for a free website to watch cartoons online? With wcoforever, you need only to search for what types of cartoons you are willing to watch online for free. This free cartoons streaming site offers a highly interactive interface along with the easy navigation.

Like many other streaming sites for watching cartoon online for free, this site comes with a few ads around when you are watching the cartoons. To provide you with the easy way to find the most desirable cartoons, there is categorization you can have a look including the dubbed, subbed, series, movies and other cartoon types.

Unluckily, this website has been banned is several countries, thus, you need to use VPN to access the site.





If you need an all-in-one entertainment solution for your kids, Cartonito can be the right option to take into account. Amazingly, Catonito offers animated cartoons and Catronito club tales that are performed by the real kids to give a joke or to teach something for children.

This way, Cartonito also has a list of songs and different learning materials for the kids. Cartonito creates an educational flair to the site at which the cartoons become a learning medium for children along with the light entertainment. So don’t hesitate to leave your kids in front of the site and let them explore the activities dealing with their interest.

Caronito requires no signing up and it is a free site to access for watching cartoons online. There are absolutely a big number of cartoons and cartoon games available to enjoy.


Cartoon Network

cartoon network uk


Do you know that Cartoon Network is the most favorite website for children? Truly, the website is the most preferable choice for watching cartoons online. Believe it or not, the site offers more than thirty thousand movies and cartoon videos that you can upload each day.

Cartoon Network is accessible for watching cartoons for not only children but also adults. A fantastic feature offered by this site is the easy filter to sort the videos through the categorization by the character of your preference.

Fortunately, this free cartoon streaming site is free from any ads during the cartoon play. Further, you don’t have to sign up to access the site. You can simply visit the website and find the numerous types of cartoons available on the site.


Disney Junior

disney junior


Another free cartoon streaming site in our list is Disney Junior which is a pioneer of cartoons. On this website, there are several fantastic treats for your cartoons options. You can also enjoy all the free cartoons categorized as free ones. Just search through all the shows by name from A to Z and find the cartoons you like most.

Some popular cartoons available in the site are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many more. They are all available on the site in HD. As one of the recommended streaming site for watching cartoon online, Disney Junior is blocked in some countries including India. This makes a must for you to use VPN to watch your preferable cartoon online.

Do you need to sign up?

No, you don’t have to sign up to access the site. It requires no signing up and no paid subscription. You just simply need to visit the website to enjoy watching free cartoon online.



fox entertainment cartoon


Fox is another best entertainment platform that allows you to watch cartoons, children’s shows and entertainment for free. Undoubtedly, cartoon lovers can enjoy surfing the site and easily find the newest cartoons on Fox. Further, Fox hosts some of the popular cartoon TV programs like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers and much more. So, no worry of how the site presents the cartoon since the website comes with a limited animated cartoons collections.

Fox allows you to access the site for an hour. Then, you need just to connect with your TV provider to enjoy the countless streaming right from the site. Is it free to access? Absolutely, yes.  It partially allows everyone to access the site for an hour.



WCO TV cartoon


When it comes to the well-designed and most beautiful cartoon sites, WCO also stands in the list. Greatly, this cartoon streaming site keeps on updating the newest content every hour almost without ads. You can easily watch your favorite cartoons not only in SD but also HD quality.

WCO is designed with the home screen which is in the form of calendar. Therefore, you can find any new release along with the time and date. Further, this site offers the users to switch the theme. If you are active with the site during the day, you can opt a light time while you can switch to a dark time when facing the night.





Gogoanime is best described to allow for watching any dubbed or subbed anime. It is also an interesting cartoon streaming site that provides you with the orange and black colored theme to suit the day and night.

When you navigate the content, there aren’t many options available. However, it is very capable. There are basically four categories to help you find the most desired cartoons. Those are movies, new season, popular and anime list.

Apart from this feature, Gogoanime is noticeably very responsive and well-designed. There is not many ads as well as heavy script, making it be a free site to use on mobile phones. Enjoy the service easily! That’s what you can do with Gogoanime.





The last but not least free cartoons streaming site we would like to include in the recommendations is AnimeUltima. Seems referring to its name, it is really an ultimate streaming site that allows you not only to watch free cartoon online but also to connect with the entire world by holding a discussion, reviewing and sharing anime anytime you want.

This streaming site also comes with the several filters for an easy navigation. Hence, anyone can search cartoons or anime by genres, year and other, sorting them alphabetically. The task will be less time-consuming afterwards.


Free Cartoons Streaming Sites (FAQs)

What can I do to free from any ads appearing during the cartoon play?

There is usually a sign of “AdSkip” on the screen. Tap on it and the ads will just disappear.

Can I find a free cartoon streaming site that specializes for kids?

Yes, you can. Visit YouTube and find YouTube Kids. All the cartoons are dedicated for children.

Do I have to sign in before accessing the free site?

No, you don’t. Some sites do not require signing in or subscription though the paid version is also available. Only if you want to get certain channel access you will be required to subscribe.

Is free website to watch cartoons online safe?

For a long time, if you wanted to watch cartoons online, you had to pay for a subscription. But lately, as more and more websites have popped up, it has become possible to watch cartoons online free, and legally.

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