13 CricFree Alternatives for Your Sports Contents Indulgence

When we are talking about CricFree, we are talking about a professional service offering free sports streaming content. There are several websites out there that are offering the same services, but not all of them are able to deliver quality performance and smooth operation.

Aside from the performance and quality sports content it delivers, the website doesn’t host its own contents. They only display the links. Once you click them, you will be taken elsewhere – to the real websites hosting and owning those sports contents. But it does offer you alerts and also gaming schedules that will air on the site.

The website provides different kinds of sports categories, including baseball, NHL, tennis, basketball, soccer, American football, and others. It’s a bad thing that the service doesn’t offer request feature, which means that you won’t be able to ‘ask’ for certain sports events or such thing alike.

However, if you are looking for quality sports contents and you don’t mind exploring around the different websites, then CricFree can be a good option. But keep in mind that the site isn’t working right now. If you want to watch some sports contents, you need to check the alternatives.



13 Best Free CricFree Alternatives for Your Sports Contents Indulgence





This is a website that has a similar concept and operation like CricFree. The site acts as an independent (streaming) source that doesn’t host its own contents. It takes links from other streaming sources and then gives you those links for your entertainment.

The overall service is free and you don’t have to worry about the quality live sports events. Its concept is to list the streams (which are submitted by the regular users and webmasters). Can you choose different sports categories? Of course! Can you watch different events? Definitely!

The website offers straightforward and simple user interface. With different lists, you should be able to choose which one you like more. What if one link doesn’t satisfy you and you want to switch? It’s a good thing that the site’s user interface is pretty good, so you would easily switch links directly and instantly. If you look at the layout and design, it’s quite basic and simple. You won’t encounter any issue when coming to the site.


Fox Sports

Fox Sports


If you access this website, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The service is completely legit because it is a part of Fox TV’s official website. Being one of the leading services in the industry has made it reputable and qualified. You should have no problem finding many streaming videos or events. The coolest part about this service is the free-of-charge nature. You won’t have to pay anything to access the contents, and yet, you will be pampered with the high quality contents.

However, you may have to consider the region or area because the streams are mostly available based on the users’ region. After all, it’s an American channel, which means that most of the streaming contents would be all about sports events that have been aired in the USA.

It’s a slim chance that you can find sports games, including soccer events, from Europe. But if you want to access quality contents that are completely legal (and also free), then Fox Sports can be included in your lists. Moreover, the contents are always updated. Expect finding fresh and the latest updates and events so you will never miss out anything.





When we are talking about sports sources and contents, FromHot can be considered a reliable alternative than CricFree. The website its own collections (which are actually quite a lot) and they are mostly dominated by real-time contents. They also offer different sports categories, so you can choose various activities you like. Simply access the categories sections and you should be good to go. User interface is direct; operating one would be a breeze! Even if this is your first time coming to the site, you will never get confused or ‘lost’ in the way.





This is another promising website that can be another CricFree alternative for those sports fans and enthusiasts. The website is packed with various programs and you can also get live streaming contents too. There are more than 600 different channels available there and more than 100 HD channels. Quite interesting, eh? As if it weren’t enough, the website also offers different genres and multiple language feature, so you can really enjoy the site.

Mind you that the site isn’t exclusive to sports only as it also offers a wide range of entertainment. But you should have no issue finding sports contents as everything is well-arranged within its own categories. Another thing to like about the site is that they support play and pause option, so you will never miss a show.

The user interface is nice and simple, even to the point of being fun too! You can share favorite programs, make use of the advanced search feature, set reminders, and so much more. It also supports mobile devices so you won’t have to miss your favorite matches or you can simply enjoy them while on the go. Want a free service that delivers professional quality? This JioTV will never disappoint you.





This is a website that is especially designed and catered for sports enthusiasts and lovers. You should be able to watch live (sports) matches or events from anywhere in the world without boundaries or limitations. Want to watch ice hockey tournaments in Canada? Or do you want to tune in with football matches from Brazil? Rest assured that you can catch up with them, thanks to this site.

New updates and new contents are always updated and added on a regular basis. There are more than 33 different sports categories whose contents you can stream freely. Just go to the website, explore the available tools and features, and see which one that can support your sports enjoyment without limitation or without doubt.

The site recently added a new (and nice handy) feature of the Admin Tool. With it, you can tweak the video quality. You can even enjoy 2 different channels altogether and others. Do you feel like interacting and communicating with other sports lovers? The site provides a chat line where you can talk, discuss, and interact with other users. It’s definitely a great website that is set as a worthy alternative to CricFree.



Ronaldo7 sport site


This isn’t exactly a website for sports contents, but more like a website for soccer lovers and hardcore Ronaldo fans. The site is only offering soccer contents and also Ronaldo. If you are seriously into soccer so much, and you love Ronaldo, then you have both of them altogether. All of the stream videos are mostly about the events where Ronaldo is playing. Although the website also has news, video clips, and (photo) gallery, all of them are related to Ronaldo. So, if you look for a site that can give you detailed info about hockey, or boxing, or basketball, you need to look elsewhere.





Looking for popular sports live streaming contents? Why don’t you check into this site? It has the reputation of delivering quality sports contents as well as live (sports) TV programs. It offers wide ranges of sports categories, including football, volleyball, motor race, American football, tennis, and so much more, so it’s not exclusive to one type of sports only. The streaming quality is good and smooth; you will never be bothered with low quality or blurry images. Feel free to come to the website if you want to learn more about it. Explore around. Check the features and tools. You won’t be disappointed.


Sky Sports

sky sports


If you are one of those sports enthusiasts, you will know that Sky Sports is one of the most popular names in the industry. It’s reputable as a top-rated and high-quality streaming provider with premium contents. No blurry images. No lousy quality. No lame operation.

If you are looking for a website that can cover different types and categories of sports, you have come to the right place. Expect finding categories like Formula 1, football, boxing, and more. Besides the streaming contents, there are other sections too, like the new. You will get new info and insight on a daily basis. The streaming contents are also updated and renewed regularly, so you will never be left behind. It does seem like it’s focusing on soccer, but it’s actually not. You should be able to enjoy different sports categories without fuss or drama.


Live TV



Finding gaming statistics or match contents wouldn’t be difficult as the site does provide it. Aside from the different ranges of sports events, they also provide various features and extra services. Most sports enthusiasts would be content and happy to access the website. However, you need to register and then make an account if you want to access the contents. Without this stage, you won’t be able to use the site.

Nevertheless, it’s a handy website where users (like you) can enjoy the video streaming as well as the radio streaming feature. A lot of users say that the radio streaming feature is handy (and even nice!) when they have to drive and listen to their favorite game at the same time. No wonder if it is considered one of the best CricFree alternatives!





Looking for the best site to watch world’s best games, as well as the best coverage from every channel? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. SportLemon is a website that provides you all the necessary information regarding the world’s premier sport – football. The web portal contains features to make it easier for viewers to find the appropriate matches, while also providing detailed scores, schedules, and graphics for each match held on television.

Sport lemon is the best live streaming app for you. It provides you all the important events and scores of your favorite sport such as boxing matches, MotoGP rider races, NFL football games and many others. There are no ads, in-app purchases or subscriptions and you can watch as much or as little as you want. The best thing about sport lemon is that it gives you access to all the live events of your favorite sport for free.





Myp2pguide is a platform that allows you to watch free HD live streams of various sports events including Boxing, Formula 1, World Cup, and many others. They have also got an excellent selection of Exclusive content and Anticipation for the next big event like the Olympics, Olympics Straight Flight or Tour De France cycling race.

Myp2pguide is the best site like CricFree for accessing live sports. It is very easy to use and will help you to find the best sporting events on the internet.



StreamWoop sport


StreamWoop great site that provides all major sports events, from the major games of the NBA, NHL, NCAA, and more to local television and popular regional sports networks such as Fox Sports Networks, CBS Sports Network,YES Network,  NBC Sports Network, NBC Sports Washington, FOX Sports Southwest, Bally Sports Arizona and many more. Although this service focus mainly on US-based services, you can find global coverage of major events including the World Series, Boxing, Olympics, Grammy Awards, Formula 1 racing, and many more.

This site gives you all the information related to major sporting events, teams and players. Of all the websites I’ve looked at, this one has the most data and is updated the earliest. I noticed that it has a section called “The Best On-Demand HD Channels” which is a really good addition. They also have a section for On-Demand Live Streams which includes many different countries and channels for users from different regions around the world.





Do you like watching sports? Then you probably know the struggles of paying for sports TV. Cable bills, too high a cost for many people. So, Firstrowsports is another site like CricFree. Here you can get 10 live sport channels for free. This includes all the big sports channels like NBL, Indian Super League, cricket, KFC Big Bash League and many more.

Firstrowsports is a web service that offers live, real-time access to millions of sporting events and matches – regardless of where you are. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to access news, matches and results of thousands of top-rated matches from around the world for free.

We have designed our product to bring you the best possible user experience – from easy navigation, to comprehensive results information and live chat – all while being integrated within the most popular streaming apps – making it easy to find what you are looking for no matter where you are.


FAQ: Cricfree Live Sport Online Streaming

Is cricfree down?

Yes, cricfree is down right now, you can find new alternative to cricfree below.

Are all of them exclusive in providing sports contents only?

Not really. Some websites are exclusive in terms of they provide only the sports contents alone. Some, however, may offer other entertainment although they do have their own sports sections, and this section is generally well and neatly arranged.

Are all of these websites free? Do you have to pay anything in the end?

Yes, all of these websites are free, and they don’t have any hidden agenda or hidden cost or anything. Simply access the contents and you can enjoy everything without paying a dime.

Are all of these websites safe?

Yes, they are. These are the popular and credible names in the industry. As long as you don’t click on any shady or suspicious links (which come from third-party providers), you should be good.


As you can see, the options are pretty abundant. And there are still limitless options out there. You just need to explore more if you want to find out about other CricFree alternatives.

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