12 Best Live TV Streaming Sites – Free and Paid Version

When it comes to find a cool site to watch live TV streaming sites right on your device, then we come up with the list of free and paid sites for your streaming. In this regards, there are websites that streams both legally and illegally. This way, watching live TV illegally without authorization is considered a crime and you may be brought into the jail.

Accordingly, we have a good number of online websites to enable you watch live TV online for free and paid without any issues.



12 Best Live TV Streaming Sites – Free and Paid Version


123TV Now

123TV Now


You won’t even believe that you will directly fall in love with 123TV Now. Subscribing this streaming site requires you no registration, no pop-ups and no stupid ads. You can just simply choose the channel to watch and click the play button.

A smooth video player is much like that of YouTube will allow for playing the desired channel fast. This site also comes with the schedule of running and upcoming shows. Most of the channels are available form UK and US at which you will get channels for watching the news, kids, entertainment, movies, sports, and other infotainment shows for free without any annoying ads.

If you are seriously looking for live TV streaming site on your device, 123TV Now is strongly recommended. In short, 123 TV now offers some great features that make people stay with the site including the free premium live TV channels, no subscription, no ads and redirects, no pop-ups and simple video player that can loads quickly.





USTVGO is considered an exclusive way of watching TV online from a US TV program. Much like many other sites that have clumsy UI and heavy Ads, this streaming site is very clean with a fewer ads. There are more than 80 premium live TV channels offered including ESPN, Fox Sports, Cartoon Network, History, ABC, Discovery, NGC, Science, Showtime, Disney, Cinemax and other popular channels.

The best parts of USTVGO are the smooth interface and easy navigation. It has also a very simple video player that loads fast. One more, USTVGO offers a buffering free stream along with decent internet. Simply, if you want to stream Live TV freely from the USA, this site is one of the popular options to consider.



ustream Alternative Services to USTV247


Do you believe that there is a live TV streaming site with more than 200 channels? It is UStream. UStream offers channels not only sports and movies but also entertainment and more other TV shows. Some good channels have decent quality streams. The only issues you may find when you are watching live TV are the pop-ups and ads. This way, ad-blocker can handle the job only when the stream is loading. If the stream is not loading, the ad-blocker is disabled.

The channels that you can expect to access with UStream are ESPN USA, Disney Jr, Sky Sports, BT Sports, NFL Network, NBA, TSN, MU TV and a number or other sports channels as well as general entertainment channels. Well, there are still many other channels that we cannot mention one by one.


TV Player



Other live TV streaming site to consider subscribing for watching live TV online is TV Player. There are actually more than 80 Live TV channels available for free on your mobile app and on your web. There are over 60 accessible channels you can use freely without being charged at all. Meanwhile, the premium version starts at $9 per month. This price gives packages but you can ask for additional channels by paying some extra amounts.

TV Player is a kind of live streaming site that works to serve the UK market only. However, the team is working to expand the network to the United States, Canada, and other countries in Europe. Accordingly, you will be able to enjoy watching live TV along with the catch-up and live recording features. This leads the site to be a well-crafted TV streaming site. Further, the subscription can be used by up to 5 devices at one time. Well, these are all the features offered by TV Player streaming site.


OK Live TV

ok live tv


OK TV comes as a live TV streaming site offering a number of live streaming links. Does it means that you must use the link in order to watch live TV online? True! There is no subscription needed with this streaming service. All the things you need to do is just clicking on any channel on OK Live TV that you want to stream. And everything is simply done.

What else?

OK Live TV offers a simple video player and low buffering time. Some premium live TV channels are even available for free though the service is not a very legit platform for streaming. The provided channels include all genres ranging from adults content to sports, movies, entertainment religion, and documentaries.

This way, not all of the links are working but they are mostly good in doing the job. If you are not sure enough with this site, you may pick up the free trial to see if it satisfies your need of streaming live TV.





Much like OK Live TV, Stream2Watch hosts links from some resources on its platform. Stream2Watch is a live TV streaming site that allows you to access live TV channels from US, UK, Canada, Russia, Italy, Spain and more other European Countries. The site also provides the users with the option to watch various sports channels just by one click.

Due to the fact that links are not hosted from the reliable sources, there might be many of the streams that do not work well. However, the multiple links are provided for a single stream.

Some aggressive ads will also be encountered on the site when you are watching the live TV online. However, this is just a little pain that will be no longer a problem since there are a number of channels you can access for free even without any registration or subscription.


YouTube TV

youtube tv


In the world of streaming service, YouTube TV is an over-the-top content subscription site available in the United States. There are so many channels available including CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, The CW and many other networks.

What makes this site the greatest one is its Cloud DVR availability without DVR storage space limits. This way, there are 6 YouTube TV accounts along with an individual login and DVR. This service also offers more than 80 channels especially from the US. These channels allow you to directly stream on our mobile devices or PC even without any cable box.

The sports channels include CBS RSN Channels, FS Golf Channel, ESPN Network, MLB Network, Tennis Channel, NBCSN, Olympic, NESN and many others. The entertainment channels include BBC America, AMC, Bravo, Net Geo Wild, Freeform, FX, FXM, IFC, Comet, Decades, FXX and more.

There are also news channels including BBC News, CNBC, CNN< MSNNBC, Cheddar News, Fox News and HLN. Meanwhile, the kids channels are Cartoon Network, Disney and Universal Kids.

Thus, if you need a live TV streaming site for your family, YouTube TV is much recommended due to its various channels that will suit your life and your kids’ needs.


Sling TV

sling tv


If you have been familiar with streaming sites for watching live TV, it is not strange to know Sling TV, isn’t it?

Sling TV offers a pretty decent Live TV streaming service in the market today. It has become one of the most favorable platform for any device because of some features supporting the site. Those are the easy customization, good pricing and a number of channels provided.

If you buy the plan of Sling’s Orange, you are required to pay the package at $15 per month and you will receive 31 channels. These channels are various ranging from sports and news to some entertainment channels. The Blue package is priced at $15 per month giving you 45 channels. Meanwhile, the Orange and Blue plan is the mix package ready at $25 per month.



DAZN live


Dazn is a live TV streaming service that is based on subscription. Particularly, the sports TV offers not only a live TV but also on-demand streaming events from many kinds of properties. Dazn is widely operated in Australia, Italy, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Spain and Brazil.

Dzan owns a digital right for almost sport events that are broadcasted in Germany, Austria, Japan, Canada and Switzerland. Thus, you can enjoy streaming FIFA, UEFA, La Liga and other sport events happening in the world.

If you want to know whether it satisfies you or not, Dazn offers a free trial for one month. You can cancel this tree trial anytime you feel you are not interested anymore. Dzan is also compatible with game consoles, tablets, smartphones, TVs and many other devices. To prove the best viewing experience, this streaming site uses an internet-connected device that is also compatible with the streaming high quality video.

Some good things about Dazn are the facts that it is legal and free to use. It has rights for most major events. It offers HD support along with multiple device support, too. Further, its 30-day free trial gives you a chance to test the service.


Yupp TV

Yupp TV Live


Another live TV streaming site to consider subscribing is Yupp TV. This live streaming service is created as a great platform to watch Indian content such as movies, shows and Live TV. There are many countries at which you can access the site. Those are USA, UK, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Middle East and etc.

Noticeably, all of the popular channels are available in this streaming site starting from movies to entertainment. Yupp TV also hosts some live TV channels that include both national and regional channels from India. If you want to subscribe, you must pay $3.99 per month and you will be given access for some top TV channels and movies.


DirectTV Now

DirectV Now


DirectTV Now is an internet-based TV streaming service that offers more than 150 channels for streaming live TV. You can even expect more TV channels with the huge selection of accessible and vast media library due to the TunnerMedia under its hood.

Supported by the living TV, DirectTV Now offers not only TV shows but also movies. However, there is also an App that arises some issues, making it unacceptable to the User Experience. Well, this might be just a little pain. DirectTV Now hosts a powerful mix of music, entertainment, sports, news and more general channels that pack a very strong punch in the world of online content streaming industry.





Hulu is another subscription-based streaming site for watching live TV. However, you have always an option whether to pay for the subscription or just to watch the limited content freely. In the past, Hulu hosted a series of TV shows either the old or the new ones. Hulu also used to host movies and some other entertainment program. Since it was launched in 2017 as a streaming service, it started for streaming live TV.

Much like Sling TV or Netflix, Hulu offers both Live TV and TV shows to its users. The cost varies depending on the content and presentation of the App. However, this site is considered offering low prices for the content and ads.

Meanwhile, if you expect to get a high package, you can pick up the plan of $7.99 per month to get Live TV without Ads.

The good things about Hulu is its offering of HD streaming along with the dedicated mobile apps and +150 movies and TV shows you can watch lively. The only downsides are the premium content that needs a subscription and the video ads that appear to be annoying while you are watching live TV.


Final Words

In short, you can always enjoy streaming your favorite TV shows right on your device by having one of the live TV streaming sites we recommend above. You can choose either the free version of the paid one. The free version is available in free trial while the paid ones are the subscribed-based options.

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