18 Free NFL Streaming Sites To Watch NFL Online No Sign-Up, Unlimited

Knowing some of the free NFL streaming sites can be super useful, especially if you are into the sports so much. NFL is short for National Football League, one of the most popular sports among the globe. Also known as the American football (to differentiate it from the regular football or soccer), the sport has its own leagues. These streaming websites can help you when you want to watch the matches online or you want to stay updated with the leagues and events all over the world.

Sports websites are coming with each specific category and concept. Some NFL websites may offer the subject together with other sports categories (such as racing, boxing, etc). Some, however, are pretty exclusive that they only offer the (American) football subject. Some may require you to subscribe and pay for it, while others may allow you to register without paying anything. It’s a good thing that there are several websites (which have dedicated themselves in this subject) offering their services for free. So, what are your options?



18 Best Free NFL Streaming Sites To Watch NFL Online No Sign-Up, Unlimited





This is a sport website dedicated for football contents only. But aside from offering free services, you can actually gain access to various channels. There is a free service but the time range is limited. You can even access NFL Sunday Season when you go with the paid Choice Package, where you can enjoy the channels. It can help you stay connected with 185 channels.

If you subscribe to the service, you can get the latest Sunday Season ticket. It is also bundled with internet package from AT&T if you want to enjoy the site as well as browsing the net. If you meet all of the requirements, you can even enjoy free HBO. But then again, this service isn’t completely free. But you can always enjoy the free trial session despite the limited time range and the limited features.


NBC Sports

nbc sports


As a part of NBC brand, you can include this site as one of those free NFL streaming sites that provide premium quality without compromising the performance or speed. There are tons of high-quality NFL streaming games for improved performance. You only need to register to the service and then you will never run out satisfying National Footbal League events or matches.

The site is actually supporting both free service as well as the paid versions. If you are willing to pay, you will get gold membership, which gives you permission and access to all features and functions, including replays, clips, and live streaming. Although you are welcomed to access the free service, be advised that they are pretty limited, so it is totally up to you. The website also works well with various OS (including Android or iOS) and also different devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, tablets, PCs, and others.





Here’s where the term of ‘free service’ is a bit blurry with this site. Some people say that it is one of those promising free NFL streaming sites, while the others say that it is actually a paid service. But in terms of service, this site is basically offering all-in-one service. You can find different entertainment categories, including sports, entertainment, and others.

One of its biggest forte is the fact that it can be used to stream the contents without any box or external device. Not to mention that it also supports 100 different channels. It does charge you for the paid service although it has a free (trial) period for 7 days. Live streaming is available. If you have upgraded your service to the paid service, it means that you have an account. And you can share it with other family members. It allows you (and the others) to watch various channels altogether.





If you are looking for other free NFL streaming sites, WatchESPN should be included in your list. There are so many different matches, channels, and events being broadcasted live. You should be able to find categories and channels, like MMA, soccer, MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and others. Besides the live streams, feel free to access video highlights and game replays of your favorite sports subjects.

Be advised, though, that the free service is limited to only 7 days. It’s the trial period. Afterwards, you can enjoy the service for less than $10 a month. But if you feel more than enough for accessing the site, then you can stop watching after 7 days. The site would display many original series. It also supports mobile devices, so it is totally flexible and handy.





If you are looking for a reliable sports streaming website, this would be the right one for you. Although the site is actually covering different kinds of sports categories, you can find a special section for NFL. The website is designed as a special streaming platform for live content. Unlike other websites that are packed with ads, this one doesn’t have that many ads. The website is simple; either the design or the layout.

Quality videos are quite okay. You don’t even have to worry about the buffering time even with ‘minimal’ internet connection. The video player is also basic, but it should work well with most operating systems and devices. Since the website connects to NBC, ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports, and NFL Network, you should have no issue watching your favorite NFL games. Do you have to pay for anything? Keep in mind that USTVGo is one of those free NFL streaming sites, so, you really don’t have to pay for a thing.


NFL Network

nfl network


This is a special service that is designed as one of those free NFL streaming sites. The site is focusing (and specializing itself) on NFL live streaming contents. When you get into the site, you should be able to stream all of those contents without sacrificing quality or performance. Instead of thinking of this site as a special service, it is more like a media company. It is about sports channels for those sports aficionados.

Some of the best things about this website are the in-depth coverage and also the quality of all of the videos. The information, insight, and updates are very detailed. It would cover the teams, players, and even with detailed videos. You can expect getting all games within National Football League and everything is updated 24/7. And since it focuses so much on NFL, you won’t be disturbed or distracted by other sports objects. You can really focus on your favorite match or event!





Just like other websites, this one is actually about a paid service. However, it also offers a free trial service that can last up to 7 days. During this time, you should be able to make use of the free features and services without spending a dime.

As one of the most well-known names in the industry, this site also covers National Football League and the events. Can you watch live streams? Absolutely! Even with the paid service, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to access your favorite NFL events. It takes less than $5 a month and you can enjoy complete NFL contents without issues. Feel free to enjoy the features too! It means that you should be able to get direct access to live commentary, news stories, and the latest matches. Quite a good bargain, right?





The video streaming website operates through subscription based, although it is basically free. You will have to register and make an account if you want to access all of the contents. The service is offering on-demand and live streaming sports events from different parts of the world. The site itself supports various devices, including game consoles, tablets smartphones, PCs, and TVs. As long as you have video players and stable internet connection, you should have no problem at all.

Be advised, though, that this website works well in certain areas only, including Brazil, Spain, Italy, America, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, and Austria. It means that it may not be accessible by different users all around the world. You may have to use VPN to access the site. But it is worth to try, though. And considering that it is one of those free NFL streaming sites where you can access your NFL contents without paying anything, the overall service isn’t bad at all.



free NFL streaming


This is one of those popular, but reliable, and free NFL streaming sites for your NFL-rich contents. Are you one of those NFL enthusiasts and hardcore fans? Then this site would be the perfect option for you. The streaming contents are all free, and you really don’t need to spend a dime to access everything. You don’t need to register or create an account either. If you are looking for quality streaming videos that offer free operation and direct access, this one would be a great option.


NFL WebCast

nfl webcast


Looking for high-quality contents but without spending a penny? Then you will love this one. As a free source for NFL live stream, it doesn’t require you to register or provide private information. The site connects well with Fox Sports, WatchESPN, CBS, and others. Not only you don’t need to sign up for anything, but you don’t have to subscribe either. It is a free service with super secure live streaming. It doesn’t even have ads! Feel free to watch pre-season, super bowl matches, and playoffs in HD quality. It also supports various devices, including the PC, mobile devices, and also smart TV.






Are you looking for a free NFL streaming site? NFLbite allows you to stream live NFL coverage completely free. NFLbite users can watch any NFL and follow their favorite teams completely free. Reddit users and NFL fans who want to see the action live without paying a penny can use NFLbite. You have access to the complete NFL coverage.

nflbite.us is a free website that offers live streaming of the NFL, which includes a wide variety of teams and leagues. It has a lively user interface. The site has many photos and a section that focuses on streaming NFL games.





Stream2Watch is one of the best sites on the internet to watch NFL live streaming. We use Stream2Watch every day so we can watch our favorite teams online.

The biggest advantage of using Stream2Watch is that it provides you with access to hundreds live streams on your mobile device which means you can download any game and watch it in real time.

Stream2Watch provides live stream access for all major sports leagues like NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB and NHL without any authentication or personal information required. It also allows you to quickly browse through hundreds of other sports channels available at no cost to stream whatever game you want using your mobile phone’s browser or by connecting your laptop directly to the internet (it works fast).


First Row Sports

firstrowsports 1


FirstRowSports is the best place to watch NFL streaming free online and it’s free! It has live stats, news, podcast and highlights for every game. You can even find out which team’s players are likely to make key picks in the upcoming weeks. NFL coverage on this site is easy to understand as the site provides regular updates on everything from injuries to scores. It’s updated constantly so fans can have an informed view of what’s happening around their favorite teams.





Feed2All not only provides live football matches but also offers thousands of other sport videos from many leagues, including basketball, baseball, tennis, ice hockey and even cricket! The site has all kinds of videos from different sports. Besides this, they have a section where you can find videos related to your favorite sport or team.

What makes this service so awesome is that it combines live streaming of football matches with Computer generated graphics providing an unparalleled experience for viewers. This is what makes Feed2All’s service unique and invaluable for any kind of sports fan. The service also offers a variety of other streaming options like NFL, MBA, Boxing etc.





While being the ultimate source of NFL Streams, VipLeague. is also a great place to watch your favorite team compete in the National Football League. With VIPLeague you can get your favorite sport highlights through your PC, tablet or mobile device which you can then watch anywhere anytime! Not just that, you get access to thousands of leagues worldwide with hundreds of our own exclusive leagues being added every month!

VIPLeague is amongst the top online broadcasters providing users with a wide variety of sports and events to cover. In fact, it offers a complete package of sports coverage apart from those provided by other major online broadcasters. The main advantage of this platform over others is its huge database which allows users to find any kind of sporting event or match anywhere in the world within minutes. That’s why I recommend VipLeague one of the best free NFL streaming sites.





If you are trying to find a free NFL Streaming Site then BatManStream is a great place to start. The site allows users to follow any team whether they are in the Major leagues or outside of it as well as check match schedules for any particular game or event.

You can watch English Premier League matches online free on BatmanStream. They offer live scores, match highlights, video highlights and scores of matches for many different English football leagues like the English Premier League, English Championship, League Championship and numerous European leagues. This website is free to access.

There are several reasons why I love this website. First of all, it’s free! That means you can check out the live matches of your favorite teams for free. Secondly, you don’t need an account or signup for anything. Just browse through the various categories of matches and choose the ones that interest you the most.



cricfree 1


If you are looking for NFL live stream free no signup, you should visit this site. CricFree offers a premium experience for its users. It has one key difference from other streaming services: It features exclusive access to live NFL games on TV, online. Most other NFL streaming services only show pre-recorded content, which can make it hard for casual viewers to follow along with the game. Many people end up binge-watching a game or two just to get the latest updates from Twitter and other social media networks… CricFree’s unique approach gives everyone a chance to experience the excitement of watching the best athletes in the world compete in their favorite game — without having to get up and leave your house.


Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go 1


If you are also an avid nfl fan, then fox sports go is your best option to watch nfl online free live streaming. They provide you a day full of nfl coverage which includes thousands of matches. Fox sports provides live scores of matches for all major football leagues such as EPL, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Boxing , NBA, MLB, NHL, motorsports, rugby streaming and more. You can expect high quality video content delivered right to your newsfeeds.



FAQ: Free NFL Streaming Sites To Watch NFL Online

Can i stream nfl for free?

Yes, Finding out how to watch nfl free on your computer can be challenging. But the solution is simple, thanks to VIPLeague’s crystal-clear Live Sports streams. Here’s how you can easily watch nfl free on your computer or on your phone or tablet!

Why is it so hard to find completely free online services for the NFL?

You need to realize that the cost for operating such a service is pretty costly, and not everyone has the resources. Asking for donation isn’t easy either, and in most cases, it isn’t a dignified gesture.

Why there are websites that can offer free service?

First of all, those websites aren’t all legal. Some of them are considered illegal because of copyright issues. Second, most of those websites also cover other sports categories and sports objects, so they are various in nature. It is quite difficult (and even rare) to find a website that exclusively dedicates itself to a particular sport object and it offers a completely free service.

What streaming service can i watch nfl?

So, what streaming service can i watch nfl? Thats the question asked by many fans of the NFL.There are special online services which stream NFL games. These services offer access to most of the games like HULU, Fubo.TV, Sling TV and more.

Nfl streaming without cable?

Streaming is convenient, and it's cheaper than cable. And, unlike cable, you can watch it from anywhere you have an Internet connection and a browser. The downsides are that streaming isn't as high-quality as cable, and there are fewer games to watch. But cable costs a lot more, and you have to put up with commercials.



Some of the websites in this list may not be completely 100% free, but some of them do offer limited-time free NFL streaming sites that may be useful for your needs.

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