7 Best Myp2pguide Alternatives for Different Sports Enjoyment Times

MyP2Pguide has been designed as a professional live streaming service for sports contents. Not only you can get free access to the available links, but all of them are available in an instant manner. Basically, if you are looking for one of the best sports sources in the industry, then you have come to the right place. Not only the website covers various sports categories, but it is also connected to many channels, including BBC, Eurosport, ESPN, ABC, and others.

The website may seem like focusing on football content quite a lot, but it actually covers different sports objects. Whether you want to find categories, like hockey, soccer, tennis, wrestling, baseball, basketball, and others, all of them would be available quite easily on the website. The fact that the site is working well with different devices (like smart TVs, smartphones, PCs, and others) is another positive feature that you will love from the website.

In the event that you can’t access MyP2Pguide or there is difficulty when opening it, there are several website alternatives that you can try to access those websites. With this site (and also the alternatives websites), you can make sure that you will never run out of your sports entertainment. You will definitely stay updated, and you don’t have to miss out on any sports events or matches.



7 Best Myp2pguide Alternatives for Different Sports Enjoyment Times





It’s pretty normal if you think of a comic-related subject when you read the title, but I assured you that JokerLiveStream has nothing to do with any comic or such thing alike. On the contrary, this is actually a website that is focusing on providing and delivering high-quality sports contents for the enthusiasts. The streaming contents are quite premium, up to the high-quality performance and outcome. You can also find different kinds of sports categories, including wrestling, boxing, basketball, baseball, and so much more.

The website is pretty simple, but it has a nice layout and straightforward design. The user interface is easy. Even if this is your first time coming to the site, you won’t encounter any issue operating (and navigating) it around. Don’t be fooled by the name; you can expect premium performance despite the name. Seriously. Mind you, though, that this site is basically a directory. A directory doesn’t host its own contents. It only ‘collects’ links and then takes you to the (rightful) sources when you click the links.





Why would the developer name the site after a DC’s ‘hero vigilante’? Well, the website always hunts for the best sports streaming site, which is similar to Batman hunting villains and bad guys. Get it? Well, this MyP2Pguide alternative has all the best features that will make sports watching convenient – and even fun. You are given different options to access the contents. If you like using the browsers, feel free to do so. But if you want to watch all of the sports matches or events while on the go, then you need to download the software.

During the (free) trial period, you don’t have to deal with ads or such thing alike. This is also a free service, enabling you to view the contents without spending anything. The site also has its own sharing option, so if you are happy with the service, you can easily share it through your social media. The service covers different kinds of sports categories, such as basketball, NFL, football, racing, and so much more. The website also offers chatbox, which is great for your social life.





If you are interested in another ‘hero-theme’ websites that can provide sports contents and reliable sports sources, then ZorroStream would be an ideal pick. It’s also one of the trusted MyP2Pguide alternatives with super simple and straightforward design. There are different categories located on the top side of the site, so it is super easy to operate the website.

Can you stream the sports videos for free? Yes, you can. In fact, you don’t even have to pay anything when you want to access all of the contents. The website has a straightforward and direct operation. The layout is simple where the available links would be available with the schedules. Just choose the ones you want to choose and you would be able to watch them. However, you may need VPN to view the contents. Not to mention that the website is packed with ads. Each time you click a link, there would be ads. If you are okay with it, then this one may be the right service to go to.


NBC Sports

NBC Sports live


If you are looking for an American (TV) channel that provides high-quality sports contents and information, then this one would be the perfect option. As a part of NBCUniversal, in (NBC) Sports Group division, the website is extremely focusing on sports information and entertainment. Users are able to access the contents without having to use the cable box or such device. Live sports videos and streams are all available without you having to pay anything.

One among the many handy features includes replay ability. It means that there are saved replay videos that are available for those who haven’t watched it. You can actually download the videos, although you may have to deal with some learning curves. The website is designed to provide convenient sports moments, and it is definitely one of the promising alternatives to Myp2pguide.





Rest assured that you can watch premium sports live events with flexible manner. Not only it provides streaming videos, but you can also get the latest updates from the available news section. There are many sports channels and sports categories that you can access. So, when you want to get the most recent news about football, handball, cricket, soccer, boxing, racing, and others, you are welcomed to browse them in this site. Just click on the provided category and link, and you would be just fine.

As one of the helpful Myp2pguide alternatives, this website has modern layout and straightforward user interface. The search box is pretty useful to find latest titles or (sports) matches that you want to watch. You don’t even have to register or anything to access the contents despite the free-of-charge nature. Users from all over the world can also join the website. It’s a guarantee that accessing the contents would be super effortless!


Live Football TV

live football tv


Think of it as a multifunctional (online) application that allows you to enjoy everything related to football. This website may be exclusive to football subject only, but you will get complete and thorough football coverage. For a starter, you are guaranteed to get all kinds of football matches and leagues from different part of the world. With live match and recorded videos, it’s difficult not to like this site.

There are different contents and events to enjoy, such as English Premier League, La Liga, FA Cup, UEFA Europa League, UEFA champions leagues, and so much more. There is even an option for streaming low quality contents if your connection is poor.

You need to download the software, though, because it works through mobile application. Expect to find channels like Amazon Prime, ITV, BBC, Premier Sports, BT Sport, Sky Sport, and others. Although the service is promoting free charge, you can enjoy more features if you upgrade it to a paid version. If you are willing to play, you can plan you watching schedule and activate match alerts. It helps not to miss a match! If you want to enjoy alternatives to MyP2Pguide, this one is definitely a must-visit


Disney Hotstar

Disney Hotstar


This is an all-in-one service that won’t only give you high-quality sports entertainment, but also other types of enjoyment, including TV series and also movie shows. The collections are comprehensive and abundant, ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood categories. It’s a part of Disney franchise so you won’t have to worry that the contents will be outdated. Expect new updates and refreshment regularly, even on the regular basis.

You should be able to find different kinds of sports categories, so the website isn’t exclusive to one sport subject only. The website offers many helpful features, including different languages tweak, organized interface system, and other helpful channels. Be advised, though, that this service ISN’T offering free service. It is a paid version, so you will have to spend some money for the monthly subscription.


FAQ: Myp2pguide Alternatives for Streaming Sport Live

Do all of those websites support ads?

In general, yes. But in most cases, the ads won’t be so annoying or disturbing. Although some websites may not have any ad at all, the majority of them still need ads for the operation. But it depends on personal preferences, really, because some people can tolerate the ads (considering that they can get free access), while some don’t.

Is it easy to operate or navigate the website?

All of these listed services are super easy to maneuver. Feel free to explore them and see for yourself how convenient they can be. In most cases, you should be able to explore the sites and choose whatever favorite sports categories that you want to watch.

Are these websites paid ones?

In general, no. most of these websites are basically free. But then again, some websites may require you to pay. Others may offer both free and paid version. You may be able to access the free service, but it is pretty limited. Naturally, you can enjoy more when you upgrade the service to a paid one.

Do I have to download anything to access the sports contents?

It depends on the nature of the website. Some websites may be accessible through regular browsers, while some may be only accessible from downloadable program. Some, however, may offer both types of services, where you can either use the browser or open the software to access the contents. The latter one is created to be quite flexible, so you can enjoy it at home and for on the go.



These are the reliable and credible websites that you can use to access your favorite sports programs. Although there are limitless websites out there, some of these websites are known for their premium quality and easy operation. If you are looking for alternative options from MyP2Pguide, some of the websites on this list can be included in your list.

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