Top 10 Laola1 Alternatives To Watch Free Live Streaming Sports Online

The name Laola1 should be familiar to you if you are one of those sports enthusiasts who take their entertainment seriously. It is one of the most popular names in the business because of several good combos. It is able to deliver high quality entertainment, it is free, it is easy to use, and it delivers the fun experience to the users. However, most sports fans aren’t satisfied with only one sports source. They would want more; possibly as many as they can get. Well, if you are one of those people, you should also be familiar with other services that can function as Laola1 alternatives.



All About

As it was mentioned before, Laola1 is one of the top-notch names in the sports industry. Not only it is offering free service, but the overall structure is legal too. Yes, unlike other streaming services and websites that are offering free service but with complex legality issues, it doesn’t happen to Laola1. You can watch your sports contents in peace, and you can still enjoy high-quality performance and streams.

Another cool thing about the service is that you won’t have to create an account or register. Simply go to the website, explore around, and choose your favorite sports or events. There are different sports categories available there, so you should have no problem watching tennis matches, ice hockey tournaments, or table tennis events in different parts of the world.

The service is actually offering both free and paid service, where paid service will give you more features and benefits. However, if you are happy with the free service (like the majority of other users), it is enough to satisfy your sports requirements. Mind you, though, that the free service has ads. Before watching a stream, you will have to bear with 20 seconds to 30 seconds of ads. But then again, it’s the price to pay if you prefer the free type.


10 Best Free Laola1 Alternatives To Watch Free Live Streaming Sports Online


1. Cricfree

cricfree 1


Another Laola1 alternative is the Cricfree, a service where you can stream your favorite sports contents with ease. When you come to the site, you should be able to stream the popular (sports) channels and enjoy the show. The website is clean and straightforward, paired with easy-to-use interface system and convenient operation. All of the streams are coming with high-quality images, which mean that you won’t have to worry about lousy stream or blurry images.

Watching different kinds of matches and tournaments of different sports categories would be a breeze. No matter where you are, you should have no issue accessing those matches and sports events. Besides streaming contents, you can also watch the highlights. However, this site doesn’t have any link to American sport. So, if you are looking for one, you may have to find it elsewhere.


2. StreamHunter

StreamHunter sport


This is another website that is offering flexible arrangements when it comes to your favorite sports entertainment. Not only the website is able to deliver comprehensive service, but it is also packed with modern (and handy) features that make it easy for you to enjoy your sports contents. You should have no issues streaming your favorite events or matches from different spots around the world. And you don’t only be updated with the streaming service, but you can also get sports updated with the news.

There are different sports categories available there, including cricket, handball, boxing, football, tennis, and so much more. And the contents are always fresh and updated, so there won’t be any outdated matter. If you are looking for a website that has all the right combination of updated sports contents, simple interface, high-quality performance, major (sports) channels, handy search box, and the absence of registration then you have come to the right place.


3. SportLemon

Sportlemon new site


Although this site is claimed to offer free service, but you still need to register and create an account. Aside from offering free service, it is also offering a paid membership. You can still enjoy the free offering if you stick to it, but keep in mind that the features may be limited and you won’t be able to enjoy comprehensive arrays of options.

Basically, SportLemon is one of the best alternatives for Laola1 because it has tons of different TV channels, and they are all coming in flawless quality.

You can even use it with your Android devices, which make it even more convenient. Think of this service as an all-in-one provider that has it all. Not only it has sports contents, but it also offers adult programs and live TV shows streams. If you subscribe and upgrade it to the paid membership, you should be able to access them all conveniently. You won’t regret a thing when you spend extra for this service.


4. FromHot

FromHots sport site


FromHot is basically an online directory for sports contents. It means that it doesn’t host its own contents, but collects those links from other sources instead. When you click one of the links displayed on the site, then you will be taken to the original source and watch the stream there. This site also functions as IPTV directory, meaning that you can enjoy entertainment programs too, like TV series and movies. The mechanism is just similar: the site doesn’t host its own contents and you will be taken somewhere else once you have clicked the link.

Despite its construction as a directory, you should be able to watch and stream your favorite sports programs. There are different categories offered, such as tennis, golf, ice hockey, American football, boxing, soccer, and others. Besides the streaming contents, you can also enjoy major events’ replays and also highlights.

You may need to take a while to get yourself used to the website. It isn’t exactly user friendly and it can be confusing for first-time users. But just be patient and you should get a hold of everything quite easily afterwards. If you are serious about your favorite contents, then you should be willing to sacrifice some extra efforts and time.


5. LiveTV

livetv sport 1


This is another free service for your live sports streaming enjoyment. Whether you want to watch the on-going tournaments or you simply want to catch up with the latest matches, you can do it without difficulty or fuss. Accessing events from different parts of the world would be a piece of a cake, regardless your current location. The service is absolutely free and you don’t need to subscribe anything. However, it is a must that you create an account.

The overall quality is good. All of the streams are enjoyable and they look professional. You don’t have to look elsewhere to find good sports entertainment; it’s right there on your device! So, if you are looking for an alternative sports source than Laola1, you know which one to be included in your list.


6. Yahoo Sports

yahoo sports


Who doesn’t know Yahoo? All internet users must have been familiar with the name. However, not many people know that the service also provides free sports contents, although the coverage may not be expansive and extensive – unlike the websites that are exclusively dedicating themselves to the sports contents.

Basically, you should have no problem streaming the sports content on this platform, and feel free to explore the different categories too. Get access to golf, basketball, American football, and other categories freely and effortlessly. Besides the streams, you can also get the latest updated news, so you won’t miss out much. But then again, don’t expect too much in-depth or extremely thorough coverage of your favorite sports.


7. Moviedroid



As the name suggests, this website isn’t exclusive to sports contents only because you can also stream your favorite TV shows and movies. However, the website claims itself as an all-in-one entertainment platform that can deliver complete service and offer. If you want to watch your sports moments, feel free to stream them. If you get bored and you want to switch to movies, simply do so without having to access other links or other websites.

As one of the best Laola1 alternatives, this service also supports downloading feature. Yes, you can download your favorite programs (whether it is movies or sports) and save them in your device’s storage. How cool is that! Not to mention that you can connect it to many different media players. There are so many interesting features to like about it. For instance, you can have your own favorite listing, which you can access later. You can also tweak the setting if you want to change the buffering size or the download directory.


8. Zorrostream

Zorrostream LIVE


Don’t mind the name as Zorrostream is about providing high-quality (sports) streaming contents to all sports enthusiasts in the world. There are different sports categories that may pique your interests; some of them are quite popular in the business, like basketball, soccer, football, tennis, and others. Getting the stream isn’t difficult at all. All you need to do is to visit the site, explore around, and figure out how to operate the features and access the links.

Not only the site has super content quality, but you can also request for a certain stream. Yes, feel free to ask for a match or an event, and just wait. Whether the administrator would provide the stream or not, it depends on their policy. But in general, asking for a request is possible. Moreover, this is an alternative option to Laola1 that offers chatbox. It enables you to interact and connect with other users from different parts of the world, so you won’t have to give up your social life.


9. BBC iPlayer

bbc iplayer sport


Although this service supports paid membership, there are several contents that are available for free. However, you need to remember that paid membership will grant you more access and more features. You won’t have to deal with the limitation of the free access. Moreover, this is a completely legal site, which means that you won’t have to worry about violating any regulation or whatsoever when you access the contents.

The quality of the streams is just superb and impressive. All of them are offered in high-quality flawless performance. Mind you, though, that the service is available only in the UK. If you want to access the content, you will have to use a VPN to mask your IP. But this service can be a promising alternative to Laola1 in terms of getting yourself a satisfying sports performance and enjoyment.


10. VIPLeague



Besides the free contents, you are free to manage the setting as you see fit. The library is expansive and huge. The quality of the stream is promising; even to the point of being impressive and flawless. Feel free to change the quality of resolution, from 240p to 1080p, to adjust to your connection. It shouldn’t be difficult to find different sports categories as everything is available and provided.


FAQs: Laola1 Alternatives To Watch Free Live Streaming Sports

How much should I pay for these websites?

In general, most of the discussed services or websites are free. However, some services do offer both free as well as paid services, which gives you a flexible option whether you want to have it free or you are willing to spend extra. But then again, if you choose to pay, the amount depends on each service. So, you need to contact the service directly and find out about their subscription plan.

Are all of these websites exclusive to sports content only?

No. There are several websites that offer all-in-one performance, meaning that you can also enjoy other types of entertainment besides the sports contents.

What kind of features can I expect from each service?

When it comes to features, different service has different policies and regulations. You need to come to the website to find out the details of the offered features. Don’t expect them to be uniformed or similar.

Are all of these websites safe?

In general, yes. If you check the listing, you can even see that some of them have a legal reputation. Legal websites mean that you won’t have to worry about the safety concern or the legality matter.



Finding sports-based services isn’t as difficult as you think, but finding the trusted ones can be a bit tricky. Hopefully, these example lists can help you start your exploration. If you spend extra time and efforts, you should be able to find quality website alternatives like Laola1.

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